Quote for the Day, Monday February 05, 2018 & Stare Magazine, June 1959

“The only things in woman’s clothes getting longer these days are the shoulder straps!”

This is the June 1959 issue (no volume information in the indicia and the publication date is uncertain) of STARE, a Humorama publication.  It is a digest-sized (7 1/4″ x 5 1/2″) 100-page magazine featuring pin-up photos almost entirely.  It has only four girlie cartoons.  It is in like new condition.  If it were a comic-book I would grade it VERY FINE.  Both covers are tight, flat, and generally well preserved, while the interior pages are off-white, flat, and clean.  This is definitely a collector-grade book, and is in as good a shape as you are going to find these old digests.  As mentioned above, there is some doubt about its publication date.  See the photos.

Pin-ups in this issue include Eve Eden (nice cover photo where she is mis-identified for some reason as “Sylvia Steele”; her alternate (and real) name is Rosa Dolmai); Annette Casir; June “The Bosom” Wilkinson; Dane Arden; and Playmate Marilyn Hanold.  There are only four cartoons in this issue as mentioned earlier, and no Bill Ward or Bill Wenzel.

Some information on this title:  Stare in these early years did not follow the conventional Humorama format but consisted almost entirely of pin-ups.  In later years it became a full-sized magazine and followed the standard mixture of girls and gags that all the other Humorama publications did.  The publication date of this issue is not certain; please examine the photos carefully before bidding.

The previous dealer crossed out “59” on the cover and put in “61” but I believe that 1959 is the correct year and that this is in fact Volume 5 #36.  Humorama was extremely sloppy when it came to fairly important data like month, year, volume, and number.  These critical data were often missing from the indicia (as in this case, where the only clue is the copyright date of 1959).  They never did understand that you’re supposed to reset the number when increasing the volume number, and they sometimes repeated a number!  The Grand Comics Data Base has very limited information on this title and no cover photos because of the lack of comics content.  BIP comics agrees with me that this is June 1959.

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