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Carver 2: No One, Chapter 2

No One

Over a decade has passed. The girl has starred in numerous snuff films for Billy Hall. In his movies, her costume consists of a cannibal necklace, hand-bra, soiled pink panties, and a skimpy crop top. And, in the movie credits, her “No One” character is listed as being played by actress Karen Michelle Digney.

Although this Karen is an alias. Karen Michelle Digney is not fictional. She was a real person. And, she was an actress. The real Karen was a victim in one of his snuff films. She was killed by the fake Karen who has taken her place in real life.

There are times. Especially around the time of a full moon. When she cannot be allowed free rein of the basement. During those crazed times, she must be kept muzzled and shackled in the basement.

Her cannibal outfit in the movies is not for modesty, of course. When she’s not starring in one of Billy Hall’s films, she prefers going naked, and does so most of the time—i.e., à la the “Jersey Devil” episode the fifth episode of the first season of The X-Files series. The outfit is a showcase for her trophies.

The cannibal necklace is be made from the severed human fingers of her victims. The skimpy crop top, which is crudely stitched together, is made from uncured human skin taken from a buxom redhead’s torso. The cannibal skins top is stretched to its limit across her double-D tits, and it exposes the bottom third of her boobs. Her hand-bra is made from mismatched, decaying hands severed from two different corpses.

Her panties are so filth-engrained, they are starched stiff. She will pull them down to take a shit. But. When she needs to piss, she just pisses through her panties.

The girl is filthy and infested—i.e., head lice, fleas, and crabs. Her teeth are so filthy they will look rotten. Her lily-white skin is so dirty that patches of it are black. She has long dirty ragged fingernails and toe nails, in spite of a monthly manicure and pedicure for her “date” with Billy Hall. She is much thinner than when she was first abducted, over ten years ago. Draping her shoulders and her huge heavy-hanging tits, her hair is filthy, unkempt, infested, and greasy—i.e., messy straight hair and floppy, pendulous tits, with a matching unkempt golden blonde bush between her legs.

Messy straight hair. The deranged strait hairdo of a lunatic. Hair which hangs limply hangs over her face, partially obscuring her face. A krazed.

Infectious sewer moss covers the inside of her thighs.

Fetid breath and a strong sour body odor.

Thirty-something. She’s still very pretty. A tortured face, nonetheless. As such. A hard, pretty face—i.e., a “come hither, and worship me” 1950’s movie starlet face. A face that wears a perpetual scowl. A look that’s best described as “haughty, mixed with a little bit of rage.” A ravishingly-beautiful face with a large ugly mouth that looks like it could deep throat a massive cock and balls with ease. A mouth that bespeaks of loathing and disdain even when that’s not the wearer’s intent—that frown of a mouth—a Bass eating bait mouth. Thick, sexy, raspy, New Jersey accent. A natural blonde—i.e., golden platinum blonde hair. Long, board-straight blonde hair that’s the color of raw wheat. Long perfect legs. A killer body. Slim hips. A tight, flat-as-a-pancake ass. A fair Nordic complexion.

No scars, whatsoever. No evidence of Bobby Shaw’s attack on her. No physical evidence of the lobotomy he performed on her with a nail. No evidence of the wounds her victims have inflicted upon her over the years while they were trying to defend themselves against her attacks. Nothing. And, it gets even stranger. None of it the results of either self-mutilation or Billy Hall’s doing.

No unsightly body hair—i.e., no need to shave her armpits or legs, or trim her bush. Her body hair consists of scalp hair, a limited pubic bush, eyelashes, and eyebrows.

Dark cosmetically-perfect eyebrows. Black eyelashes, that look like they have been thickened by mascara. The need for eyeliner and eyeshadow negated by the pigmentation of her eyelids. It’s as if she’s wearing permanent makeup.

When they are idle. Her hands are claw-like, in appearance and grasp, like the taloned feet of a bird of prey. Klaw.

There is a creepy black mole on the rightside of her neck. A small, black, star-shaped “mole”. Knobb.

Her blue eyes are those of a madwoman. As such. The cruel, deranged blue eyes of a lunatic. Mad eyes.

The girl eats anything she can catch in the basement. Rats. Snakes. Etc. She also feasts on any dead bodies. No longer does Billy Hall have to dispose of the victims, she takes care of that for him. Bones litter the filthy, dimly-lite basement. She likes to gnaw on bones. A favorite snack of hers.

She can speak, but she only does so when she has to. For example, when she’s luring prey into a trap. But mostly, she growls, snarls, foams at the mouth, rants and raves, and hisses just like a venomous snake.

The girl craves sleeping in one of the basement rooms whose floor collapsed into the sewers below, rendering it a grotto. Half of the room’s floor is a pool of raw sewage feed by the sewers.

A cesspool swarming with large leeches and large carnivorous slugs. Leeches and slugs that will slither out of the pool and feed upon her while she sleeps by the pool. Leeches and slugs that, at times, will glow in the dark—glow a fluorescent blue.

The grotto’s ceilings, walls, and floors are slimy and moss covered. She craves drinking its contaminated water. Water that, at times, will fluoresce blue in the darkness. Likewise, at times, her mad eyes will fluoresce blue in the darkness, after she has recently drank from the grotto’s pool.