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SQP Art Books – The Art of Fantasy – Fun With Fantasies!

So many ample treasures to be sampled!

Sample art from “Tricks & Treats” by Steve Fastner & Rich Larson

Sweet & Sexy & Fun as well!

Who says fantasies have to be wall-to-wall sweaty and disturbed (not that we’re judging!) Let’s look at the lighter side of hot & heavy.

Hyper-realism and way-out-there kink has its place (and we LOVE that place! We have a summer home there!) Much can be said for the artists who like to play with the form, tweak pop culture, indulge in B-Movie horror and old-time sci-fi clichés – and of course showcase lots of gorgeous women wearing the tiniest of easy-to-rip outfits! What’s the point of having a healthy libido if you can’t access a sense of humor as well? It’s multi-tasking at its most enjoyable. Here are 8 examples of such delightful combinations – including the awesome one-two punch of artists Steve Fastner & Rich Larson.

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SQP Art Books has a massive selection of books for the fan of fantasy, erotic, and pin-up illustration, and our website is loaded with examples of such fine fare.

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