The Introvert’s Travel Bucket List …, #4 Copenhagen, Denmark

Beach vacations are an obvious option for those who like nothing better than to curl up with a good book, enjoy nature and be left the f*%$ alone. Still, introverts aren’t always in the mood to just chill, and these destinations offer the perfect mix of stimulation and serenity. Here, our 2017 bucket list for the 1/3 of the population whose rich inner lives are rivaled only by their IRL adventures.

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Copenhagen, Denmark

Anywhere which embraces coziness—or hygge, as the Danish call it—as a way of life is bound to be an ideal destination for introverts. As an added bonus, Danes aren’t big on small talk or starting conversation with strangers, so you’ll be free to dream uninterrupted during your stay.

What To Eat: Noma, obviously, if you can get in!

Where To Stay: The Nimb Hotel, because its exquisite rooms include fireplaces.

 What To Do: The Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek gallery and its adjacent, cake-filled café as well as Illum, for the shopping.


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