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Carver 2: No One, Chapter 1

A Star is Born!

At the end of Craver (2008), Billy Hall Carver laments the fact that his star and kin, Bobby Shaw Carver, has been killed by one of the victims of their snuff film. Then he hears loud sounds coming from behind him. The sounds of someone eating and drinking, flesh being rended, bones being gnawed on and cracked.

When he turns around he sees the girl, nail still sticking out of her battered forehead, consuming one of her friends Bryan. Bryan was the last of the college kids to survive. Bryan killed Billy Hall’s Bobby Shaw. And. In turn. Tit for tat. Billy Hall killed Bryan—severing the boy’s head from his body.

Billy Hall had dumped the girl’s half-naked body in the basement to be disposed of later. Bobby Shaw had struck her repeatedly in the forehead with a claw hammer. Then, with her laying helpless on the cold concrete floor of the utility shed, he had driven a large masonry nail into her legs, arms, and shoulders—i.e., drove the nail in and pulled it out with the hammer, reusing the same nail over and over again. He had finished her off by driving the nail into the center of her forehead. Yet, here she is, alive and eating one of her friends.

The murderous redneck walks over to the girl, large butcher knife poised to strike. The same knife he used to behead her friend. The girl looks up from her meal and growls at Billy Hall. She is foaming at the mouth like a rabid animal. Her large ugly mouth twisted by rage. Long blonde hair hanging over and partially obscuring her tortured, insanity-ravaged face.

She is no longer wearing her t-shirt and bra. The girl is topless. And in place of her own panties, she’s wearing a pair of soiled pink panties taken off the corpse of one of the dead girls dumped in the basement.

Her clear deep blue eyes are now the cruel, deranged blue eyes of a lunatic.

“He’s mine! He belongs to me! Mine! Mine! Mine!” She shrieks before returning her attention back to the eating and drinking of her dead friend.

He doesn’t even remember her name. Then again. That doesn’t really matter. Because.

For all intents and purposes, whoever she used to be is dead. The girl suffered massive brain damage as a result of Bobby Shaw’s attack on her. As a result. She is a homicidal maniac and a cannibal. Totally insane. Stark, raving mad.

Billy Hall lowers his knife and smiles.

“A star is born!”