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Continuum, Chapter 03

Trouble in Paradise

For a very good reason … On a workday at the library, she no longer dresses or undresses in front of Nick. On those days, stuffed into her panties is a biomechanical strap-on. She wears the thing given to her by Babb as part of her required uniform at the library. And. Increasingly, for personal reasons she refuses to confront at the moment, she’s been wearing the thing when she doesn’t have to.

In keeping with its fundamental nature of being Doll Parts, the strap-on self-activates and fuses seamlessly to her nethers, once it is strapped on. When she’s wearing the prosthetic sexual appendage, she becomes, for all intents and purposes, a she-male—i.e., the Holy Grail of hardcore unreconstructed Biphobic butch lesbianism.

But. Being less invasive than a parasite kock does not translate into this parasite dildo being any less aggressive when she fucks someone with it, when she is being fucked by it [e.g. during masturbation], or when it is feeding.

In appearance, Parts are grotesque. Creepy-looking.

The dildo and its dildo harness are alive. They are living machines, in the very same way that an AI or a Borg Queen is alive. An AI and a Borg Queen are the ultimate living machines. And. As aforementioned, this dildo and its harness are parasites.

The dildo is clearly delineated from the latex harness that it is mounted into. Yet they appear to be one-piece upon close inspection.

Dildo and harness are flesh-colored, and they feel like flesh. There is no fake pubic hair, but the dildo has testicles and molded-on superficial veins. The dildo has foreskin, being that it is uncircumcised.

And, in spite of its name, the Doll Parts strap-on is not singularly Dollhouse tech. Nor is it just Borg. In the same way as the black pack, it is derivative of a collaborative subcontracted effort with Insect Civilization. In this case, the machine collaborator was Toy.

Toy was the first of the Series Nine AI’s.

As a side not. When a biological being is wearing Parts. That portion of their body is, in effect, rendered prosthetic.


“What in the fuck is wrong with you?!”

“Why don’t you just go and fuck your dyke girlfriend?! I heard she’s well-hung, hung like a horse!”

“Geez, like that would be attractive to me, even if it were true! She’s a goddamn butch, for Christ’s sake!”

The moment passes, and with it the tempest of the storm. Another night of arguing, instead of torrid lovemaking. Their bedroom used to be such a theatre of passion.

Since her upgrade, Lucy’s efficiency and productivity, especially when she switches herself to drone mode, has increased exponentially. Her research is meeting all deadlines, now. She’s secured funding for next year.

But. Instead of being happy for Lucy, Nick has become moody. His male ego bruised by her success. And. While new life seems to have been breathed into her career, pulling her from the precipice of impending failure. Nick’s work has fallen into a slump. There’s even talk from Oversight of maybe his bleeding-edge research being cancelled.

Six months ago. The shoe was on the other foot. Nick was the shiny new penny. And. Lucy was the tarnished old coin struggling for relevancy.

“I’m sorry. You’re right. I’m being such an asshole, yet again.”

They kiss and makeup. A recurring theme, that won’t last long. It never does with them, these days. But. The sex is always great, when they do fuck.

During their relationship, there have been many rocky patches. And those patches always coincide with periods when she’s doing better professionally than him.

“Stop playing into her hand. This is what she wants. She wants us to fight and breakup. In her twisted mind she thinks she’ll catch me on the rebound.”


“Yea. That’s her plan. And, please, give the devil her due. She does read people very well.” Lucy pauses, to collect her thoughts better before she continues speaking. “And she’s so arrogant and confident that she’s told me her plans. She’s also very patient and very meticulous.”

Lucy lied, of course, about not knowing that Babb was a she-male. The girl has seen Babb’s cock, and it is huge, as in, Johnny Wadd (John Holmes) proportions. The old bag flashed her, once. And. Again, Lucy said nothing to Oversight about it.

As a side note. Lucy’s Parts are molded from Babb’s man parts.

Millions of miles away, in the gate room of a top secret SG Command research facility beneath the surface of Mars …

From the Argus stargate emerge, U.S. Marines shouldering high-compression phase rifles. Including their gloves and boots, they are wearing the grey form-fitting biomechanical Kevlar of MACOs. Body armor which is equivalent [in look, form, and function] to Borg EXO. They’re employing the very latest in Predator active camouflage to evade visual and electronic detection by any known means.

The warriors du jour of the United Nations. Military Assault Command Operations [commonly abbreviated as MACO] is a United Nations military organization put into service just prior to the official founding of the [Martian] Federation, and a full year after the United Nations created Starfleet. Starfleet and MACO are independent United Nations entities. Starfleet is strictly scientific in nature, and is for scientific space exploration. MACO is clearly military, possibly in anticipatory response to the establishment of the Federation, although the UN officially denies that.

The MACOs are not associated with the military of any country, and that includes the US Military. Yet, here is US Military personnel using MACO gear, including MACO encrypted comms. In point of fact, these Marine Force Recons are outfitted exactly like their MACO counterparts.

MACO soldiers are often outfitted with a diverse set of accessories and weapons. Including a hard-shell backpack, of a similar design as used by Starfleet, to carry additional equipment and/or armament. An equipment belt is normally worn for carrying the standard-issue stun baton, stun grenades, plasma grenades, a holstered pistol-grip Taser that fires multiple high-voltage Taser rounds, a holstered high-compression phase pistol, spare phaser charge magazines, a secure comm, and a hand scanner. The equipment belt can be setup for right-handed, left-handed, and ambidextrous operators, as well as for custom preferences.

A lot of top secret stuff, things that for years the U.S. Government and the UN has denied existed, are on display today.