How to Dispose of Used Syringes and Lancets at Home and in the Workplace

Keep the environment clean and safe

To prevent accidental needle sticks:

  • Don’t try to bend, break, or put the cap back on your needle…you might injure yourself.
  • Never throw sharps directly into the garbage.
  • Never flush, bury, or burn sharps.
  • Never use a container that is not rigid and puncture-resistant.
  • Never use clear plastic or glass containers.
  • Never mix sharps with recyclable items.
  • Never leave sharps accessible to others.
  • Never overfill the container.

Steps for safe sharps removal:

  • All sharps should be disposed of in rigid puncture-resistant containers such as liquid detergent bottles, bleach bottles or metal containers such as empty coffee cans.
  • Fill the container 3/4 of capacity.
  • All containers must have a lid that can be tightly sealed before it goes in the garbage container. Reinforce the lid with heavy-duty tape.