Julie Newmar + Lost in Space

Before she was Catwoman, Julie Newmar​ starred in My Living Doll as Rhoda, a robot created for the U.S Air Force who winds up in the hands of Dr. Bob McDonald (played by Bob Cummings.) See POP COLORTURE’s newly colorized opening and enjoy the exclusive, never-before-heard version of the theme song with lyrics!

Lyrics: My living doll, made to order. She is perfection in a girl. She’s no ordinary kind. AF-709 is my own genuine living doll

ATTENTION: Although 26 episodes were produced, only 11 are known to currently exist. Other episodes are thought to be held by collectors and Jack Chertok Television is actively searching for any copies in order to restore the series and release it to the public. If you know the whereabouts of any episodes, please send me a message or contact Peter Greenwood at martianlic@hotmail.com