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Melania Trump’s Hometown Is Offering Five-Hour “First Lady” Tours for $90 (JUNE 6, 2017)

Buy “First Lady” wine and “First Lady” sausage.

America’s foremost combatant against cyber-bullying, Melania Trump,hails from Sevnica, a 5,000-person town in Slovenia. After her husband was elected the president of the United States, Melania’s birthplace built a mini-tourism industry on top of their newfound renown, reports N.P.R.

One of many walking tours is five hours and costs $90 for two people. Not a bad deal! It’s no free White House tour, but it’s also no $200,000 Mar-a-Lago membership fee. The tour includes a drive-by of all the must-see Melania, neé Melanija Knavs, sights: her childhood apartment block, her subsequent home still owned by her parents, her elementary school, and the boarded-up factory where her mother, Amalija Knavs, used to make children’s clothes. A tourist can buy First Lady-themed wine, gold-leafed chocolate, teacups, a “Melanija torte” made of white chocolate mousse, a First Lady Apple Pie, and “White House” slippers, which have white pom-poms and go for $60 a pop.

Sevnica is also known for its salami, and you can bet there’s a First Lady novelty sausage for purchase. In a story from March, the The Independent wrote about her presence at the annual Salamiada, a figurative and literal sausage party wherein only men can partake. She, as a woman, and a busy expat one to boot, wasn’t there. But the festival’s master of ceremonies read aloud a supposed letter “from Melanija” that thanked them for naming a sausage after her.

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