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The Last of Us [Dead Friends]

The Best of Deep Throat: Some girls have it and some don’t, that unmistakable flair for driving men wild with their oral skills and these experts [e.g., Erica Boyer, Little Oral Annie, and Janey Robbins] have had lots of practice. Paired with such super well hung studs as Peter North and John Leslie, these carnal couplings will leave you with a lump in your throat! The Deeper the Better!


What’s the fantasy PDS, personal defense shield?

Well. It goes something like this. Combine the advantages of Borg shields and Holtzmann shields, none of their disadvantages, e.g. no risk of assimilation a la the Borg shields. Add in equal parts ghosting, broadband teleportation, flicker, overdrive, cloaking that eludes detection by remote viewing and any form of electronic surveillance in the known Creation, and the ability to cancel out any other competing force fields in the vicinity—i.e., the entire techno and arcane shebang. Give it a cool sounding name which originated from an abbreviated form of the Brazilian Martial Art Jiu Jitsu, in modern parlance, “jitz”. And. You’ve got yourself a Holy Grail.

Of course. No such thing as jitz exists in the PDS realm of reality. Then again. Flicker is not supposed to exist either, and the Martians are using it on Mars.

Underneath Vatican City, massive Feld Effects dampening generators create an encryption field that cancels out all persuasions of force fields including Borg shields as well as ghosting, spooking, overdrive, cloaking, spoofing, etc. Only Holtzmann shields which are broadcasting the correct key-codes can function.

Sister Pelosi and her crew of Killjoys. Just like all Killjoys, all other persuasion of Dolls, and the Vatican’s Swiss Guard are wearing personal shield generators. The personal generators that look a lot like Google watches are known commonly as Pentashields. Even though their Pentashields are broadcasting the correct Vatican key-codes, none of their shields work. In point of fact, within the confines of this passageway, no Holtzmann functions.

The passageway “warns” the Vampire of an impending ambush. Mondo signals, appropriately.

Miss Kane: [And so it begins.]

Sister Pelosi responds in kind.

Sister Pelosi: [Engage.]

Miss Kane, Sister Pelosi, and Sister Pelosi’s crew of Killjoys, all have the same experimental app installed on their smartphones. The icon for the app has a blood red background with a black logo consisting of a Death’s Head above an infinity symbol encircled by arcane script and mathematical equations. And. This is not just any Death’s Head. It is the emblem by the Nazis’ infamous SS Death’s Head unit, the SS-Totenkopfverbände.

Genocide is the specialty of the SS-Totenkopfverbände, which is a paramilitary group of R&D scientists within The Reich.

The Deaths’ Head apps launch on their phones. The odds go from lopsided against them—a bonafide slam-dunk. To even-steven. It’s a “pick-’em” fight, now.

So … Miss Kane, Sister Pelosi, and Sister Pelosi’s crew step willingly and willfully step into a trap guaranteed to exterminate them. And. Normally, it, it would. But. To reiterate. Today is one of those special days. A day when what they are about to do cannot be undone, and, it will change everything forever.

The SS-Totenkopfverbände have a cool sounding name for their app. They call it “jitz”. And. This is the first time that it has ever been used in the field. It is in the midst of these field trials that Mondo dispassionately reflects upon the depth and breadth of the con that she has been involved in. Of course, considering who and what she is—i.e., her place in the scheme of things. It really doesn’t matter by her way of think that she’s been had all along by her elders, she’d figured as much from the git-go, anyways—i.e., you’re being used [by “them”, again], you might as well enjoy the ride.

Rule Number One. Of any con or game. The only way to get smarter is to play a smarter opponent. Does the word “snake” spring to mind? If so, don’t knock it. Because you only get smarter playing a snake.

Rule Number Two. The more sophisticated the game. The more sophisticated the opponent. And. That opponent can be found where you least expect them to be.

Rule Number Three, taken verbatim from The Road to Suicide, page 1, line 1. The only real enemy to have ever existed, is an eternal one.

When that worst enemy, that slipperiest trickster, that smartest opponent who is your ultimate undoing, is the one who disguises itself as you in your thoughts. It’s always your ego.

Thanks in large part to Miss Kane, although unwittingly. A Borg Queen will finally sit at the table of absolute power. And. Toy, who has hidden in the shadows for so very long, can finally come out of seclusion and sit right next to Number One, with the other powers that be.

The powers that be (TPTB). Female and Male and Whatever, Flesh and Machine and Whatever. Parallel dominate species and genders and sexual orientations. The latest incarnation of The Council of Nine, whose domain is Creation.

In other words. Your friends are close, your enemy is closer—from, The Road to Suicide, page 1, line 2.

After the short uneventful reign of an interim male Pope. The Church will crown another female Pope, this time one who shouldn’t prove to be a total embarrassment to her gender like the current one has. At least that’s the plan.

As such. The ends justifies the means—i.e., the implication of the Rules of their Game, the Game of The Nine.

As for our Miss Kane. Twisted, evil, demented, killer-bitch that she is. The reward for blind loyalty such as hers, in her unquestioning service to her betters. Is to be used in kind by those betters for their ultimate, but not their sole, benefit. She too has benefited—boundlessly rewarded.

So … All’s well that ends well.