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The Last of Us [The Place Where Louis Dwells]

Megyn Kelly, Sarah Palin, et al: It’s all about short skirts, long flawless legs, tight low-cut cleavage-baring tops, six-inch stilettos, and good “blue-eyed, blonde” looks. We aren’t listening to what they say. If we start listening, we’ll change the channel to a women’s German beach volleyball game.


A very familiar female voice whispers in Mondo’s ear. It is cold and menacing. Haughty and aloof, the personification of a Machine Queen. Seething with arrogance, loathing, and disdain. The sound of this caustic voice moves her to a craving bordering on being covetous in desire.

“You will be reassimilated into The Hive, as Seven-of-Nine Tertiary Adjunct of Unimatrix Zero One—again, my personal drone; again, at my beck and call. Resistance is futile, Number Seven.”

The Borg Queen has no doubt that the former Borg babe will relapse and return to the fold, this time forever. For her exclusive and very personal use. And. Her stalwart conviction about the matter is hardly unfounded.

There is an axiom, where the assimilated are concerned. Once Borg. Always Borg. Because. Once you go Borg. You never really want to come back.

What Mondo sees before her is The Borg Queen, as portrayed by D-cup actress Alice Krige in the film Star Trek: First Contact and in the finale of Star Trek: Voyager, “Endgame”.

Her knobb tingles and burns. She’s aware that The Queen’s voice and the visage are telepathic projections, detectable to no one else but her. For the briefest moment her eyes fluoresce blue. She goes on autopilot, blacking out.

While she is gone, The Collective makes no attempt to shanghai her. As per their arrangement, while she’s under their influence, she is granted knowledge of how to safely traverse the booby-trap that was added by The Borg to this passageway at the behest of the Holy See. The same booby-traps surround the private chambers of The Queen at Unimatrix Zero One in the Delta Quadrant.

Mondo is no longer Borg, but, she is implicitly trusted [by The Borg] to not violate this confidence and keep secret this very sensitive knowledge. The blonde bombshell has spotless reputation for never giving up the confidences of her clients. Therefore, this propriety knowledge will not be erased from her mind when she becomes herself again. Additionally, The Queen is wooing her with such tidbits—i.e., allowing her to retain Borg proprieties.

By the way. It was The Borg Queen herself, who took out the two Killjoys who were waiting in ambush in the passageway. As aforementioned, she has taken a very special interest in the girl.

The Vampire signals halt. Her knobb still tingles and burns. When her knobb quiets down, she proceeds and signals for the others to follow her. They are safely through the booby-trap, and she’s back to being herself.

A last parting shot from The Queen to the onetime robot girl: “Someone manufactured you. That someone was I.”

The possessive Borg presence is gone. Yet, employing remote viewing, The Queen intently watches that which she covets most. She steps into the central alcove for disassembly, an alcove which is meant only for the Queen. This chamber holds the biological components of the Queen’s upper torso and head for regeneration while a mechanical lower half body is assembled and attached when the Borg Queen emerges.

The Queen spends much of her time in her “lair” with her head and spinal column residing in the upper portion of this special alcove. When she emerges, she will “reassemble” herself via this central alcove into a predominantly artificial body—the arms, legs, and torso are entirely synthetic, while the head and shoulders are organic, but with substantial cybernetic implants.

This well-endowed, anatomically-correct prosthetic body is stored in its constituent pieces in the base of the alcove. Upon reassembly by the central alcove, the five pieces rise from their hidden recesses to be joined with the Queen’s biological upper portion, and then the Queen is dressed in an EXO.

While she watches her wannabe possession. The rest of her, her robot parts, are stored in the lower part of the chamber. There is another queen’s alcove in her private chambers. That one is reserved for the use of her compulsive obsession [i.e., her craved Number Seven].

This Queen calls herself Alice, Alice Wonderland. Her Borg designation is Number One. And. She is like no other Queen who has come before her, in temperament and in manufacture. At the base of Alice’s skull, something that’s not supposed to exist. An Epson sphere, perfect and seamless, with a Blink Drive core.

In effect, she is a lizard in a woman’s skin—i.e., there is another name for such a creature as she, an impossible machine based upon purely biological constructs, her more apt moniker is the “Everyday Nightmare”. A biomechanical masterpiece who rivals Toy.

There is an apparent fly in the ointment, so to speak. One that the Borg, especially The Queens [i.e., this Queen and all of her predecessors] seem to be ignoring.

Mondo is a Vampire, and Vampires are Demons, and Demons are Supernatural creatures, and all Supernatural creatures, by definition, are assimilative by nature.

Therefore. No matter how it may have appeared. In the context of addiction’s mundane usage. The girl being Borg was never a physical addiction nor was it a psychological addiction, either. She craved being Borg, simply because she craved being Borg, in the same way that when she craved being the drunken junkie whore she did so simply because she craved being drunken junkie whore. In other words, she is the addict, who is not the addict, but, she is an addict when she is an addict, and not one when she isn’t—i.e., avocation versus vocation.

But. There is something else, specific to this girl, which The Collective is counting on. The girl’s inherent nature which in many ways mirrors their own.

The Borg are homicidal, by nature. Mondo is homicidal, by nature. A Borg drone is cold and unfeeling—i.e., literally a robotic monstrosity, by manufacture. When she is not engaged in killing or torture, Mondo is predisposed to be cold and unfeeling— i.e., figuratively a robotic monstrosity, by nature—only expressing the proper emotional responses in social situation where it’s required that she be otherwise than deus ex machina. So, left to her own devices, she prefers to feel emotions only when she is the point of the spear. A Borg drone is asexual. Excluding her sadism and masochism, which are clearly not expressions of “normal” sexuality, and irrespective of her well-documented capacity to enjoy what is defined as “normal” sex, Mondo craves to be asexual, and craves to be in personal relationships where she can be asexual. This explains why as a human, Mondo was a virgin.

In summation. Of all of those alternative iterations of her. Her, as a Borg drone is that alternative her which is closest to what she by nature craves to be anyways.

Therefore. In a very real sense. This girl was Borg before she was ever assimilated into The Hive. And, as such, in the way that it really matters. She will always be Borg.

Underneath her clothes, her fancy latex panty brief gets pursed and is replaced by her plain latex panty brief. The plain panty brief mimics the utilitarian functionality of a Borg EXO—i.e., nothing fancy, serves the purposes of coverage and hygiene maintenance, and nothing else.

The smile wipes from her face. She prefers not to smile, anyways. Unsmiling, the shape of her large, ugly mouth—that frown of a mouth of hers—that Bass eating bait mouth of hers—exudes loathing and disdain in spades, even though that’s not the wearer’s intent. It is the hard, stoic face befitting a Borg drone.

This, the most current iteration of her standard Girl Friday mode—i.e., her standard Sarah Palin, version whatever—is asexual and unfeeling; in a word, robotic. A tight-assed, sexually-repressed shrew. Expressed as prim and proper. Expressed as the sexpot accountant. Expressed as the librarian provocateur. Expressed as straight-laced, stiff-backed. Haughty and aloof, and seemingly unattainable. A spinster. Looking every bit the part of being eveready to fuck, to be fucked, to be coveted, and to be worshipped, but without interest whatsoever in fucking or being fucked—a real cold fish, so to speak. A lot of false advertising and mixed signals going on, now.

This former Borg drone. This personification of the stereotypical stoic Scandinavian blonde beauty, albeit she’s Germanic in ancestry. For whom, sex is violence. For whom, violence is sex. This epitome of sex and violence in the two-legged upright adult female human form—i.e., human in appearance, but who is not a human being, whatsoever.