Melania Trump Ends Foreign Trip on a Colorful and Diplomatic Note (MAY 26, 2017)

Italian fashion, in bloom.

hen Melania Trump visited the Vatican alongside her husband and stepdaughter Ivanka Trump on Tuesday, she wore a black veil and dress to follow Vatican tradition for formal visits. Though her choice of dress was appropriate for the occasion, it was also ripe for memes—anyone for “Hot Topic Melania”?… read the full article




Xinhua criticized Western democracies for their “political backbiting, bickering and policy reversals” and hailed instead the example of “cooperation” between the CCP and non-Communist parties. In fact, the Communist party has a monopoly on political power that it uses to keep a tight grip on civil and political rights, as recorded by the U.S.-based, government-funded, non-governmental organization Freedom House.… read the full article

Melania Trump’s Hometown Is Offering Five-Hour “First Lady” Tours for $90 (JUNE 6, 2017)

Buy “First Lady” wine and “First Lady” sausage.

America’s foremost combatant against cyber-bullying, Melania Trump,hails from Sevnica, a 5,000-person town in Slovenia. After her husband was elected the president of the United States, Melania’s birthplace built a mini-tourism industry on top of their newfound renown, reports the full article

Melania Trump Wears Move-In Chic for Her White House Arrival (JUNE 12, 2017)

The First Lady traded in her usual uniform of knee-length dresses for the occasion.

Melania and Barron Trump have at long last arrived in Washington, D.C. to take up residence in the White House. They probably didn’t do any heavy lifting themselves, but they still dressed casually on the day of the big move.… read the full article

Xi Jinping Has Quietly Chosen His Own Successor

By Andrei Lungu, Foreign Policy Magazine

Meet Chen Miner, the man who has been getting groomed to run China — without anyone in the West seeming to notice.

Until recently, Sun Zhengcai, the party secretary of the metropolis of Chongqing, “the Chicago on the Yangtze,” was seen as a possible successor to Xi Jinping.

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Professor Marston & The Wonder Women Trailer

The story of psychologist William Moulton Marston, the polyamorous relationship between his wife and his mistress, the creation of his beloved comic book character Wonder Woman, and the controversy the comic generated. Luke Evans as Marston Rebecca Hall as Elizabeth Marston Bella Heathcote as Olive Byrne the full article