Vogue July 1959-Countess Mona Bismark-Fielding Dawson-Kim Novak-Gypsy Rose Lee


July, 1959

The Dress That’s Never Out Of Season

Cover           Jane Fonda in the new honey-spice colour in hair, make-up and dress with lipstick-coloured gloves from Wear-Right photographed by Irving Penn.

Photography        David Attie    William Bell    Engstead     William Klein    Munkacsi    Frances McGlaughlin Gill    Schatzberg

Illustration    Vevean

Vogue’s Eye View          Skiing In July

Fashion Never-out-of season dressing…the velvet hat – one full year’s worth of fashion…paisley…never-out-of-season black…the pale crepe dress…New answer to black – pale black…Black-dress substitutes…colour simples…California Clothes Rush – the grape colours…Blue and Black – the ticket for town now…Paisley print for dining at home…summer dining-at-home dress…Puerto Rican clothes photographed in the Virgin Islands…Midsummer travel suit…the brigand coats…three coats with a flip side…Ilka Chase’s travel clothes…Puerto Rico – the clothes to get around in…Bathing Suits in Puerto Rico…Vogue Patterns: The Little Black Dress

Photographs by William Klein as seen I the “Icons of Glamour and Style: The Constantiner Collection”

Black Dress Substitutes – Pale Colour Simples

Pale Crepe Dress – Breather for Black

New Form of Black – Pale Black

William Klein Photographs

Anne St Marie and Isabella, Queensboro Bridge, New York (Vogue), 1959

Sandra + mirrors, Times Square, New York, 1959

Mirrors on the Roof, New York, 1959

‘There was a wonderful iconoclastic talent seizing what it saw. I thought it should be let loose. In the fashion pictures of the Fifties, nothing like Klein had happened before…. In my opinion he was the first to bring into photography what Léger achieved in art — the glorification of the life and rhythms of the street.’ — Alexander Liberman


The Transatlantic Smiths and Their Famous Friends…Bernard Berenson and wife Mary Smith…Bertrand Russell and wife Alys Smith…Logan Pearsall Smith…Hannah Smith and daughters Mary and Alys

“How to be guest on a boat”  by Sally Iselin

“A Pleas For Flirtation” by Marya Mannes

Beauty – Continuing: Countess Bismark – her extraordinary good looks as recorded by three decades of pages from Vogue – photographs by Beaton, Horst, Hoyningen-Huené, Steichen, and Rawlings.


Sounding Simply Marvelous – A new beauty routine for the voice

The Scented Summer

Fashions In Living:

Tooling Up for Vogue’s Super Food System…Vogue’s Super Food Checklist…Vogue’s Super Food System…More Tools For Super Food

Hot News About Frozen Foods…Handbook of Nine Summer Coolers… Six to beat the Heat: Aspics and quenchers 

People Are Talking About   Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller – photographed by David Attie…”Gypsy” The New Musical – photographs of Gypsy Rose Lee with her mother…in burlesque, 1933…Ethel Merman with Karen Moore as Baby Gypsy and mother…Sandra Church as Gypsy…Kim Novak photographed by Munkacsi…Millie Perkins photographed by Schatzberg…

Ads: Ben Kahn …Lanvin’s  My Sin perfume…Revlon’s Aquamarine perfume…Paradise Kittens…Tim Hollyman photograph for Honeymoon in Puerto Rico…Max Factor’s High Society…1960 Chevrolet Bel Air sedan…Maybelline…Chanel No. 5…Georgia Bullock…Revlon’s Bon Bons nail enamels…Anne Cole for the 1960 Ford Thunderbird Convertible…Crane’s…Roux’s Redhead

116 pages.


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