Vogue July 1959-Countess Mona Bismark-Fielding Dawson-Kim Novak-Gypsy Rose Lee


July, 1959

The Dress That’s Never Out Of Season

Cover           Jane Fonda in the new honey-spice colour in hair, make-up and dress with lipstick-coloured gloves from Wear-Right photographed by Irving Penn.

Photography        David Attie    William Bell    Engstead     William Klein    Munkacsi    Frances McGlaughlin Gill    Schatzberg

Illustration    Vevean

Vogue’s Eye View          Skiing In July

Fashion Never-out-of season dressing…the velvet hat – one full year’s worth of fashion…paisley…never-out-of-season black…the pale crepe dress…New answer to black – pale black…Black-dress substitutes…colour simples…California Clothes Rush – the grape colours…Blue and Black – the ticket for town now…Paisley print for dining at home…summer dining-at-home dress…Puerto Rican clothes photographed in the Virgin Islands…Midsummer travel suit…the brigand coats…three coats with a flip side…Ilka Chase’s travel clothes…Puerto Rico – the clothes to get around in…Bathing Suits in Puerto Rico…Vogue Patterns: The Little Black Dress

Photographs by William Klein as seen I the “Icons of Glamour and Style: The Constantiner Collection”

Black Dress Substitutes – Pale Colour Simples

Pale Crepe Dress – Breather for Black

New Form of Black – Pale Black

William Klein Photographs

Anne St Marie and Isabella, Queensboro Bridge, New York (Vogue), 1959

Sandra + mirrors, Times Square, New York, 1959

Mirrors on the Roof, New York, 1959

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