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A resurrected and restored Ms. Rohm is sitting in the makeup chair. The chair has been turned around to face the bed. Her face and ribs are still sore and aching from the deft application of the pointed toes of Mondo’s shoes.

“I thought that I had the better of you.”

“You did, and still do, but, having the better of me isn’t the same thing as having the better of other people.”

“I won’t make that mistake again.”

While she was still dead, Mondo relieved the bull of her wands. Her wrists and ankles are tied so tight to the arms and legs of the chair that her hands and feet are numb. The binding ropes are used as tourniquets to greatly limit her use of gestural magic with her fingers and toes, by numbing her hands and feet. The rope looping around her neck and tied to the chair cuts into her throat, limiting her articulation for spellcasting. All of the rope is dire hemp, of course.

Ms. Rohm is greatly annoyed that the girl has made herself beautiful again.

“You can punish me later for my transgressions against you, mistress.”

“I shall, without mercy or relent, until you are beaten to within an inch of your life.”

“I would expect no less of you.”

Ms. Rohm again looks intently about the bed chambers. Confirming to herself of the initially missed deception. The makeup chair and makeup table are hers, for sure. But. Everything else is a fake. This is not her apartment at the LC.

“We’re no longer in the LC, are we?” Ms. Rohm asks, rhetorically.

“Nope. We’re in my ROOM, albeit mimicking your chambers at the LC. Hence the precautions.”

“The imitation resulting from your craving of severe, Spartan things?”

“Something like that.”

Mondo walks over to the closet and changes in front of the restrained, covetous bull. When she’s done dressing. She’s wearing her hair yanked back in a sternka. Sternns, with a vintage beaded eyeglass chain attached to the eyewear’s two temples. Kaye in place of Koo. Leopold leopard print flats [retro 1950’s recreations] in place of Careys. Prudz. Perls. Bra and panties. Her makeup stays Bolshoi. Holster, phone, and purse are discreetly clipped to the waistband of her skirt.

“An acceptable compromise, for now.”

“Thank you, mistress. You are most unkind.”

The girl gestures arcanely. Ms. Rohm’s rind is replaced with becoming Bolshoi. Nothing else about the old butch woman changes. The Bolshoi can only do so much, though. Ms. Rohm looks no less butch and no less hard-faced—i.e., her sour face still screams “manhating dyke!”

“And, when you sleep in a bed, you will wear burlap, just like I do.”

“Yes, mistress.”

“You can keep the makeup chair and table. I’ll find suitable replacements. Now. I tire of this fake, and I’m bored with my restraints.”

The ROOM resets itself to its original configuration. The ropes retraining Ms. Rohm sever themselves. Miss Kane has invoked nothing. It’s all Ms. Rohm’s doing. But. Miss Kane is doing nothing to block it.

Once the feeling has returned to her hands and feet, Ms. Rohm stands up and walks over to her former captor.

Miss Kane drops to her knees, hands held behind her back as if they are tied, arms held rigid as if in a mono-glove restraint [i.e., fetish arm binder].

Ms. Rohm covetously strokes the girl’s left cheek. In spite of her beauty envy. Rind does not replace the girl’s Bolshoi. The girl’s Bolshoi remains in place and so does Ms. Rohm’s Bolshoi.  Ms. Rohm’s Bolshoi having been forced upon her by the girl.

Yes. Ms. Rohm does toy with the idea of ruining the girl’s face with rind, but in the end she does not. She also toys with the idea of ruining the girl’s hair, making the girl’s hair go geriatric—i.e., its solid yellow blonde color giving way to a geriatric mix of yellow blonde liberally streaked with grey and white—but, in the end she does not.

In a word. By leaving the girl fetching. Ms. Rohm violates her own rule number three. At least the sternka and sternns keep the girl from being ravishingly beautiful. This, for now, is sufficient compromise for the butch librarian.

Underneath her clothes, Miss Kane’s Bosom Envy-2 and Olivia Bra L6080 swap places—i.e., the Bosom Envy-2 gets pursed and she ends up wearing the brand-new Olivia Bra that was in her purse. Resulting in projectile breasts—i.e., firm, full, cone-shaped breasts, standing up and out without visible means of substantial support—fodder for “bosom-worshippers all over Creation”.

The blog “What Katie Did”. A price-is-no-object internet outlet for vintage and vintage-inspired luxury lingerie, garter belts, and corsets. It’s not just a showcase for glamorous vintage-inspired satin conical bras.

“What Katie Did” is the only online source for Olivia Lingerie, and, there are no brick-n-mortar stores where you can buy it. The same parent company that owns the Clara Bra and Lane Bryan line of bras, owns Olivia Lingerie.

Olivia Lingerie’s Olivia Bra L6080 first came out in 1950. It is a 1950’s version of the Bosom Envy. As such, it is a bullet bra that showcases a lot of cleavage. And. It only comes in one color, which is puritanical lily-white. As a prequel to “modern” bras, its torpedo cups are rounded instead of pointed.

Miss Kane stands up. The two women French kiss, sticking their long well-educated tongues deep into the mouth of the other. Tongues that frolic, knowingly. There are no virgins here—virgins are boring, anyways.

Later on, after they have finished spooning. Ms. Rohm leads Miss Kane back over to the closet, where the bull directs the girl to change back into her Koo and Careys. At no time does Miss Kane slip back into Mondo Kane mode. She remains in character, a throwback to a subordinate 1950’s sexpot junior librarian spinster. And. Ms. Rohm is her stereotypical 1950’s dictatorial lesbian senior librarian spinster boss. In a word, voluntary enslavement, willfully and willingly, with no emancipation in sight.