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The Last of Us [Moore Atomic Blonde]

Atomic Blonde (2017)—The crown jewel of Her Majesty’s Secret Intelligence Service, Agent Lorraine Broughton is equal parts spycraft, sensuality, and savagery, willing to deploy any of her skills to stay alive on her impossible mission. Sent alone into Berlin to deliver a priceless dossier out of the destabilized city, she partners with embedded station chief David Percival to navigate her way through the deadliest game of spies.

Charlize Theron plays Lorraine Broughton, a MI6 agent who is sent to Berlin just days before the collapse of the Wall in 1989 to retrieve a list of top secret British operatives and to crack down on the persons responsible for the death of a fellow undercover agent. In order to achieve her objectives, Lorraine joins forces with a shady spy, played by James McAvoy (X-Men: First Class, Split), and a sexy French agent, played by Sofia Boutella (The Mummy).

The story, which is mostly relayed in flashback by Lorraine while she is interrogated by a MI6 superior, played by Toby Jones (The Mist, Captain America: Winter Soldier), and a CIA bigwig, played by John Goodman, is intricate, but the details are ultimately inconsequential. Like the James Bond 007 films that influenced it, Atomic Blonde is less concerned with plot mechanics and more interested in style and cinematic presence. Even if you walk out of this film not remembering who betrayed who or who stole whose secret plans, you will likely never forget Charlize Theron’s Lorraine, who commands awe and attention with her icy glares, her sleek body language, and her physical ferocity. Theron will probably not be nominated for any Academy Awards here like she has with her past roles, but this film encapsulates everything wonderful about the way that she combines sensuality and toughness.

Atomic Blonde features a love scene between Charlize Theron and Sofia Boutella. Just go ahead and stick a fork in me, because cinema will probably never get any better than this.

This movie also features a brilliant eight-minute stairwell fight scene which appears to be a long continuous single-take, although there are a handful of subtle hidden cuts. This sequence easily wins my vote for the best action scene of 2017 so far.

I love another pivotal fight scene that takes place in a movie theater while Andrei Tarkovsky’s enigmatic, but excellent 1979 film, Stalker, is playing. The screen shots from Stalker provide a rather fitting backdrop for Cold War physical combat.

The music soundtrack of Atomic Blonde is rather heavy-handed, but I can easily forgive the obviousness, because the songs all evoke golden nostalgia for my own 1980s youth. We’ve got New Order – “Blue Monday”, David Bowie – “Cat People (Putting Out Fire)”, Peter Schilling – “Major Tom”, After the Fire – “Der Kommissar”, Re-Flex – “The Politics of Dancing”, Siouxsie and the Banshees – “Cities in Dust”, ‘Til Tuesday – “Voices Carry”, A Flock of Seagulls – “I Ran (So Far Away)”, George Michael – “Father Figure”, Nena – “99 Luftballoons”, Depeche Mode – “Behind the Wheel”, and a handful of faithful covers to other beloved tracks from the era. I do not usually bother with movie soundtrack albums, but I’d like to buy the soundtrack for this one.

I will not go so far as to say that Atomic Blonde is a masterpiece, but it is an insanely fun slice of action, eroticism, and atmosphere. Highly recommended!


Just like makeup of its ilk that she’s used before. Rind is not only unbecoming. It’s caustic and parasitic. When worn the wearer feels like sulfuric acid has been thrown in her face.

The agony of wearing it feeds Miss Kane’s masochistic cravings. It eats away pretty leaving only hard-faced in its disfiguring wake. Drawn and haggard, and age lines to boot apply to her face when wearing it. Thus, fetching, let alone ravishing, do not apply when wearing it at all. Yet, to Ms. Rohm, it is a ruined face that overdrives the bull to flights of covetous fancy.

Based upon past employment, and as previously stated or at least implied. There’s always the pecking order to consider. As such, in combination with her sternka and sternns, Miss Kane’s makeup tweaks itself for maximum severity to do its part to render the girl into, to put it kindly, a no-nonsense executive secretary while on active duty in service of her new vain-and-envious female boss. To put it bluntly, working in concert with her hairdo and eyeglasses, Miss Kane’s makeup ravages her face. Making her look serious, businesslike—i.e., tolerating no nonsense; very serious about doing things in a direct and efficient way without any foolishness or nonsense.

Rule Number One: the boss [Ms. Rohm] is AWAYS right. Rule Number Two: when the boss [Ms. Rohm] is wrong, remember rule number one. Rule Number Three: the looks of Ms. Rohm’s Friday can NEVER upstage hers, their looks MUST be in sync at all [on duty] times. All three are rules that Miss Kane displays an intimate knowledge of. Because all three are givens—i.e., the same rules that can be applied to one’s employment with any god of Ms. Rohm’s chronology.

Therefore, Ms. Rohm sports a severe ravaged face, then her Friday must also sport a severe ravaged face. Key to both facial “presentations” is the rind makeup that both women wear. Ms. Rohm wears rind exclusively, which means that while on-duty Miss Kane must now exclusively wear it too.

Moore Atomic Blonde. Rind is the makeup that feels like it’s melting your face while in reality it’s melting your brain driving you in insane in the process. Of course, Ms. Rohm and Miss Kane are already insane. They were born that way—i.e., stark, raving mad. In a word, deranged lunatics from the git go, who are evil incarnate. Depraved evil incarnate times two.

“It was total bullshit. Including the whole Harry Houdini angle. An expert frame. Houdini is a scapegoat, murdered by moi. In point of fact, I committed all of the murders that you have been tasked with solving. You are the fly caught willingly and willfully in the web of the black widow spider me.”

A haughty laugh ensues.

Miss Kane sits down obediently in the makeup chair. Ms. Rohm stands behind her.

“It would be so easy to dispose of you permanently. But. I’ve decided to keep you, instead. You’re better off with me, anyways. After all, you’re a villain, not a hero, as you well know.”

The bull conjures with her hands to touch up the girl’s makeup more to her liking. Although she is a wizard, she is well schooled in all forms of magic, therefore she isn’t entirely dependent upon a wand for all of her spell casting.

The girl’s face now looks even worse which feeds Ms. Rohm’s vanity to no end. This is truly more to the bull’s liking. Confident that she has ensnared the girl. She turns her back on Miss Kane and heads for the closet, having decided that the Vampire would look less upstaging of her if the girl were wearing her spare Kaye and flats in place of Koo and careys.

Ms. Rohm never makes it to the closet alive. Miss Kane caves in the back of her skull with a gloved fist. The girl cums to the killing. Mondo Kane is back, and she’s back in spades.

“For your sake, I think it is better that I’m a villain with rules. Else you’d be disposed of, post haste,” Mondo taunts as she stands over the fallen god.

The Lost girl kicks Ms. Rohm’s corpse in the face and ribs several times for good measure. Then. She gestures arcanely and the rind is replaced by her usual fetching Bolshoi. Her ravishing looks return, post haste—that hard pretty face of hers. The girl lets her hair down and purses her sternns. Lush, silky, yellow-blonde tresses drape her shoulders and breasts—i.e., “board” straight hair parted down the center, as if it is the product of South Floridian Stella Luca’s authentic Japanese “Yuko” straightening. Like her dowdy sternka, plain strait hair imparts a most becoming severity upon the vicious loathsome girl, accentuating her natural haughtiness and aloofness.

Mondo sits down on the Italian marble bed and waits for the butch god to resurrect. What she doesn’t do, in spite of Ms. Rohm’s free admission of guilt, is call security. For the time being, she’s keeping this “all between us two girls”, so to speak.