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Mike Tyson’s Shifting Punches & D’Amato’s Peekaboo Style Explained + Tyson’s Arching Uppercuts & Leaping Hooks Explained – Technique Breakdown

Mike Tyson was one of the most exiting and controversial champions of our lifetime. Explosive and unpredictable, Tyson was a stick of dynamite that could go off at any second. In his prime, he was always in the perfect position to deliver a knockout blow. Tyson was trained by arguably the greatest boxing coach of all time, Cus D’ Amato. D’ Amato honed Tyson into an aggressive counter puncher by teaching Mike his style of fighting; the Peekaboo Style.

Iron Mike Tyson was one of the most powerful fighters to ever lace up gloves. Nearly every punch Tyson threw had the potential to knock out his competitors. What set Tyson apart from the common brawlers of his era was his commitment to technique and his vast knowledge of the fundamentals of boxing.

Tyson knew power mechanics so well, he could use risky, unorthodox methods against even skilled competitors. This resulted in Tyson developing two punches that were absolutely devastating to his opponents: his arching uppercut, and leaping left hook.