Muhammad Ali’s Footwork & Jab + Muhammad Ali’s Defense, Combos, & Counters – TECHNIQUE BREAKDOWN

Muhammad Ali is the self proclaimed greatest of all time, and it’s hard to argue with him. Today we are going to break down how Ali used his footwork, speed, and a unique sequence of steps to circle his opponents far out of range and then dash in and out with a quick jab.

Ali wore his opponents down and then threw a quick flurry to knock them out. He had blinding speed and incredible grace.

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Song: Flight of the Crow by TechnoAXE.

Muhammad Ali is well known for his incredible footwork and hand speed, but he also had a brilliant and unorthodox method of defense. He called it his “lean back style”, and in this video we will break down how he used head movement, footwork, and devastating counters to dominate his opponents.