Joe Louis’ Perfect Cross Explained – Technique Breakdown

Joe Louis’ How to Box: Joe Louis was perhaps the most technically skilled boxer to ever rule the heavyweight devision. He reigned as the heavy weight champion for an astounding 12 years, and had 52 wins by KO. Many of them came by way of his flawless cross.

Luois’ style of fighting was minimalistic, and he was incredibly patient. He would make incremental adjustments of mere inches to get his proffered distance, and wait until the most opportune time. If Louis wasn’t sure he could land a knockout with his cross at that exact moment, he simply didn’t throw it.

It’s ironic that one of the most technically sound and mechanically proficient boxers in history used techniques that would today be considered overly risky or even sloppy. But Luois used these power building methods with purpose and forethought. As so many modern day boxers have forgotten, without risk, there is no glory.