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Jon Jones Leg Kicks & Spinning Elbows Explained – Technique Breakdown

Jon Jones is considered by many to be the best mixed martial artist who ever lived. As he tries to retake the light heavyweight title this week, it’s worth looking at the unique and innovative techniques that Jones used to climb to the top of mixed martial arts.

Jones really shines in two key places. The first is at long range, where he’s helped to enlighten fighters to the true power of linear leg kicks.

Jones sidekick can be thought of as a jab, keeping his opponent at distance, wearing down his energy, and backing him into a corner. His oblique kick, a move most common in wing shun and savate, is more of a defensive kick.

Just as innovate as Jones long range tactics is his inside game.Jones favorite position is a wrist tie, which not only sets up his elbows, but opens up space for his knees, and stops his takedowns from being stifled.

And of course, he can use these ties for their traditional wrestling uses, even threatening strikes to set up submissions.

But Jones most surprising technique in the clinch is his spinning elbow.