Gene Krupa & Buddy Rich – Krupa and Rich (1955)

”Krupa and Rich” is a 1956 studio album by jazz drummers Gene Krupa and Buddy Rich on Norman Granz’ Clef Records label. Krupa and Rich play on two different tracks each and play together only on “Bernie’s Tune”. Krupa and Rich would record again for Verve Records, their album Burnin’ Beat was released in 1962.
This is without a doubt the finest collaboration between the two most famous drummers ever. There is no sense of competition on this album, just wonderful, swinging interplay between these two giants. When one looks at Buddy Rich and Gene Krupa, one can make an analogy to Art Tatum and Count Basie on the piano. Rich, like Tatum, was simply the greatest technician on his respective instrument that ever lived. No one has even come close to duplicating what he did on the drums. Krupa, on the other hand, was a master of pure swing just like his counterpart on the piano, William Basie. Krupa could make the drums sing like any other instrument as his sticks literally danced on the drums. Krupa could play a simple beat and turn it into a mesmerizing mantra, whether it be on his snare or on the floor tom. What makes this album so special is that each drummer sticks to what he does best, and the result is an extremely even matchup. Krupa responds to Rich’s thunderous technique with playful, entertaining, and always hard-swinging magic. And add the fact that the band on this session consists of trumpet giants Dizzy Gillespie and Roy Eldridge, tenor saxophonists Illinois Jacquet and Flip Phillips, and a rhythm section of Oscar Peterson, Ray Brown, and Herb Ellis, this album cannot help but swing like mad…(By Customer on July 28,2003;Amazon)
01.Buddy’s Blues (Buddy Rich)…(00:00)
02.Bernie’s Tune (J.Leiber/B.Miller/M.Stoller)…(10:29)
03.Gene’s Blues (Gene Krupa)…(24:26)
04.Sweethearts On Parade (C.Lombardo/C.Newman)…(32:14)
05.I Never Knew (G.Kahn/T.Fio Rito)…(41:03).
1.Gene Krupa(tr.2,3,5) – drums
2.Buddy Rich(tr.1,2,4) – drums
3.Oscar Peterson – piano
4.Ray Brown – bass
5.Herb Ellis – guitar
6.Roy Eldridge – trumpet
7.Dizzy Gillespie – trumpet
8.Illinois Jacquet – tenor saxophone
9.Flip Phillips – tenor saxophone,clarinet.
Recorded: N.Y.C; 1 November,1955.
Label:Verve/Clef Records – MGC-684
Photography By – Herman Leonard
Producer, Supervised By – Norman Granz.