Carl Stevens (Chuck Sagle) “African Sounds” 1962 STEREO Exotica Space Age Pop FULL ALBUM

This is from the original stereo vinyl pressing and may have a few audible defects. Please keep in mind my videos are never meant to take the place of higher quality sources, and I urge everyone interested in owning this album to seek out their own legitimate copy.

0:00 Baby Elephant Walk
1:54 Afrikaan Beat
3:56 The Lion Sleeps Tonight (Wimoweh)
6:23 Botha-Bothe
8:48 Jolly Jika
10:56 The Call Of The Jungle
13:53 Skokiaan
16:40 African Waltz
18:58 Wa-Chi-Bam-Ba (Valley Of A Thousand Hills)
21:12 King Kong
24:23 Tsetse Fly
26:46 The Jungle Roars (Tiana-Tche)

This original longplay record album was released in the USA as PPS6030 by Mercury in 1962, and will forever be part of my personal collection. I ripped its contents for my enjoyment and created this video hoping to share it with others who appreciate hard-to-find and obscure music. Should the current copyright holders require its removal from this site I will comply.

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