STARE (Humorama) October 1961 Pinups Girlie Cartoons Machamer June Wilkinson

This is the October 1961 issue of STARE, a Humorama publication (volume 7 No. 8). It is part of what I’ll call “The Coverless Collection,” a group of coverless digests that came into my possession not long ago.  These books are generally complete and in good to very good  condition apart from missing their front covers.  Any defects will be individually noted in each listing.  Obviously they are not “collector grade,” yet they may still be of value to those most interested in the interior contents, either as temporary fill-ins or else as permanent lower-cost additions to the collection.

Other defects:  none – everything else is in good condition.  See the photos.

Why are there so many coverless comics and digests around?  The answer is that they were distributed on a returnable basis; any that the retailer didn’t sell could be returned to the distributor for a full refund.  Of course, the distributor really had no use for unsold magazines, so if the retailer mutilated them by cutting away part or all of the covers, he could keep them and still get a refund.  They were considered “unsaleable” after such mutilation, although in fact some of them would be sold one way or another.  Sometimes the retailer simply kept the magazines for his own personal collection, and that is probably what happened with these.

Pin-ups include Eve Eden (a/k/a Rosa Dolmai); Annette Casir; June “The Bosom” Wilkinson; Christy Mitchell.

Artists include Jefferson Machamer, Bo Brown, and George Morrice.  There are not too many cartoons in this issue.

A few notes on the period and this issue specifically:  1961 is the year I consider that Humorama’s “Reprint” period begins.  I believe most of the cartoons are reprinted from the classic 1955-60 period, although Bill Ward seems to have still been selling them a few new ones.  Machamer had died, DeCarlo left around 1960 to work full-time at Archie Comics, and I believe Stiles moved to Florida to teach art, so their work post-1960 has to be reprint.  As to the pinups, they were mostly new but sometimes during the 60’s Humorama would reprint 50’s girls.

Stare is a little different from other Humorama digests as far as its content (it would become the same as the others during the full-sized magazine period starting around 1972) in that there were more pin-up photos and fewer cartoons.  Please note that there are no Bill Ward or Bill Wenzel cartoons in this issue.  My belief is that Ward was still selling new cartoons to Humorama at this time, but perhaps not enough to appear in every issue of every digest.   It’s difficult to be sure as Humorama’s non-spanking cartoons have never been fully documented since there are thousands of them.

This is from the small part of my Humorama collection that I acquired since I recently finished selling off the full-sized magazines.  I offer combined shipping with Media Mail to reduce your shipping costs (U.S. only).  If you win multiple auctions, please allow me to prepare an invoice for you to reflect any shipping discount before you pay.  If you wish to combine shipping over multiple weeks (three weeks is feasible), just let me know that you want to continue bidding rather than have your item(s) shipped immediately.