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Kill Command [We [Borg] are Legion] – EP 12 (Season 1)

LATEX, EXO, Rubberware, PVC, etc, a Borg queen’s severe form-fitting body-molding black reticulated snakeskin body suit [complete with matching opera gloves and riding boots] embracing her trim waist, flat ass, fantastic legs, and the full swells of her bosom in the course of hugging her curves, and by doing so in a very suggestive and therefore implicitly revealing manner. Encasing a lithe, well-endowed body like hers, the severity of her profane EXO evokes the provocative and the staid, the sexually repressed and the vulgar. Resulting in her prim and proper kind of getting stood on its junkie whore head. The definition of what it is to be a Rubbermaid (a rubber clad dominatrix).

Snakeskin body suit? The figure-revealing EXO of a queen looks like black snakeskin, you can even feel the scales, it still feels like flesh, and is living rubber. A drone’s EXO does not look like snakeskin, it feels like flesh and is living rubber. The runes molded into a queen’s EXO are a mix of being specific to that queen and referring to her predecessors and counterparts. The runes of a drone’s EXO are generic. Whether queen or drone, the exo plating is a covetous parasite with the Borg as its host.

Haute couture. The epitome of the layered look. The matching snakeskin gloves, boots, and catsuit affect the illusion of merging seamlessly. It’s as if the body suit is one piece, and the gloves and boots are molded on—i.e., a one-piece imitating a layered three-piece. The delineation between the three pieces clearly exists. Therefore, regardless of your viewing angle or proximity, you can easily see where one ends and the other begins. A form-fitting three-piece that can easily be mistaken for a layered one-piece with an unforgiving fit. In other words, form-fitting and therefore figure revealing. More shades of 1950s Camelot and Jackie Kennedy’s mouthwatering wardrobe. More shades of Borg exo plating.

The paradox of the Victorian Era tease. Copious cover-up. Figure detailing. Cleavage baring up north in front (the bosom). Cleavage delineating down south in the front (the crotch), in the back (the derriere), and the nethers (the crotch, front to back). Staid and stuffy, and prude, nonetheless.

Think: Emma Peel’s ultra-form-fitting snakeskin catsuit in “The Avengers” movie, minus the oversized belt buckle that the censors insisted on for the movie’s R-rating, because of the catsuit’s skintight breeches!


The devil is always in the details. That’s why it is never good to miss the forest for the trees. Pan’s oversight becomes Borg gain. He used a dead Borg queen as a Trojan Horse to gain entry into this universe—i.e., use this as bait, even if they know it’s a trap, even if they know it’s my trap, they won’t be able to resist. He never bothered to ask himself: “What killed the queen and made her Collective extinct?”


In all of Creation, cyborgs like Sara cannot resurrect. It doesn’t matter whether the biomechanical being in question is a human-bionic mix or a biological cyborg like Sara where her machine aspect is serialized DNA. But. They do have the capacity to do so—i.e., the mechanism is dormant.

One of the Holy Grails of modern robotics has been the anatomy of resurrection for cybernetic organisms who have a human origin. A resurrection mechanism that, theoretically, is on par with that of thinking machines who can resurrect via upload to the Resurrection Facility—e.g., Resurrectus Ex Machina like the Cylons and robotic Borg. That, of course, includes the eleven Cylon models who, unlike the [Cylon] Centurions, look just like humans. They too can resurrect via upload to the Resurrection Facility, because in spite of their human appearance, they are still metal of non-human origin and therefore have a machine consciousness.

Humanoid Cylons are the quintessential Cylon form. These Cylons are not merely robots with a human appearance, they possess actual flesh and blood, and are indistinguishable from human beings biologically except for the fact that their DNA is100% serialized DNA.

In some quarters, “cybernetic life-form node”, “Cylon”, has become a broad term used to describe pretty much any autonomous synthetic life-form that could be networked with a computer, be it robotic or biological.

Humanoid Cylons were responsible for masterminding the complete destruction of the Twelve Colonies of Kobol [in parallel Universe-3] through their use of sabotage and infiltration.

They were nearly undetectable to Colonial technologies; visually indistinguishable from humans, down to the cellular level, but not completely at a molecular level.

Along with the capacity to emulate many human physical acts, including sex, Humanoid Cylons possess human personality traits—i.e., affection, jealousy, sadness, anger, sense of humor, religious faith, etc. They can be programmed to believe that they are true natural humans without the knowledge that they are Cylons. These are known as “sleeper agents”. Sleeper agents have a low-level Cylon personality that can conduct operations while placing the human sleeper personality “on-hold”. All Humanoid Cylons imitate human behavior, but most are fully aware of their true nature and behave more or less like a human “spy”.

The majority of the Cylons follow a monotheistic religion, with the exception of the Number One model, which is an atheist.

The multitude of Humanoid Cylon model copy bodies are bio-engineered and matured in tanks filled with synthetic amniotic fluid.

Back to the subject of biomechanical resurrection?

Doctor Victor Frankenstein, who in many ways was the “modern Prometheus”. And his wife Professor Mary Shelley. Two prominent nineteenth century roboticists who wrote a thesis, aptly titled A Study of the Anatomy of Resurrection for Homo Sapient Resurrectus Ex Machina. Their document was so far ahead of its time that, to this day, their pioneering research constitutes the cannon of biomechanical resurrection. In essence, a “How To” book. But, their writing took it a step further, and, based upon deduction and extrapolation, postulated controls and limits for immortal biomech beings.

Their theory in a nutshell?

The central nervous system (CNS) is the so-called Achilles Heel of any cyborg. It is also the avenue of immortality (AOM) for cyborgs and an effective way to limit the immortality of biomechanicals.

The cliff notes?

Thinking machines, who are self-repairing, repair themselves through the agency of trillions upon trillions of repair nanites known as ROX. In biological thinking machines like Sara and in the biological portions of cybernetic beings like the dead queen, ROX are produced by the bone marrow of the skeleton to counter the deleterious effects of aging, disease, and damage.

Additionally, biomechs have dormant nanites known as NOX, which sequester themselves in the AOM. Up until the Frankensteins’ exhaustive study, no one know what the purpose of the NOX was. The NOX would just appear out of nowhere in the AOM of recently-created biomechs, but they appeared to serve no function, whatsoever.

Using their Monster as a test bed, the Frankensteins proved that the NOX were for the purpose of resurrection. They proposed that NOX were designed to sequester themselves in the AOM until needed. Designed by whom? Certainly not the humans who designed the biomechs—i.e., spontaneous cybernetic development without human intervention. Their dormancy is control number one.

Control number two. If you sever the spinal cord of a Homo Sapient Resurrectus Ex Machina, for example, with Madame Guillotine, between the first and seventh cervical vertebra, that biomech immortal (BMI) is guaranteed to not get up from that long count. The BMI will die and stay dead.

The Frankensteins further prophesied that, based upon past cybernetic events, mankind would see biomechanicals achieve immortality, either by design or by pure chance via natural selection, within the next two hundred years. And, warned strongly, that those that restrictions on immortal machines in their thesis amounted to very well educated guesses and thus were pure conjecture on their part. And. That realized NOX-based immortality in biomechs might not have any restrictions whatsoever. For example, immortals might be able to resurrect from a beheading via their NOX.

What of the here and the now?

Per Stedman’s Illustrated Medical Dictionary, the Holy Grail of bio-molecular mechanics, with its rigorously traditional definition of life. The dead queen is dead. She is a corpse animated and directed by Pan. But. That’s about to change.

Among the nanite sampling taken by the dead queen from Sara are ROX. Some of Sara’s ROX migrate to the dead queen’s neck, settling into the cervical portion of her spine, where they are assaulted by retrovirus infected ROX in residence in the necrotic tissue. ROX altered radically by their viral infection.

The same, undetected retrovirus which infected the queen’s prosthetic body and subsequently killed Alice when she joined to that viral-contaminated prosthetic device. The same retrovirus that killed the previous queenly occupant of this regal biomechanical body and that predecessor queen’s entire Collective from the parallel universe.

A retrovirus created to destroy those other Borg by Species 8472 during an apocalyptic war. Species 8472 was the answer to the question: “Was there a species the Borg couldn’t assimilate?”

Species 8472 came from a dimension fundamentally different from the one the Borg inhabited. As a consequence of that, the Borg were unable to assimilate Species 8472. The physiology of Species 8472 adapted and rejected the Borg nanoprobes too quickly.

So. With the “finesse” of assimilation out of the question. The Borg resorted to waging brutal total war against Species 8472. A war of attrition the Borg was winning until Species 8472 developed and deployed a retrovirus designed to decimate The Borg. The retrovirus couldn’t be assimilated by The Borg because it kept evolving, kept mutating, way too quickly. But. It worked too well, wiping out The Borg and Species 8472.

As Sara’s ROX resist being assimilated by the infected ROX of the corpse, an upgrade is triggered. Some of Sara’s ROX and some of the infected ROX merge, mutating and evolving into something else. A nameless, transient something which triggers a violent, impossible cold fusion reaction that goes critical. The resulting radioactive burst baths Sara and Alice, and everything for a 30-foot radius, in tesseract and tachyon subatomic particles. Jump starting the NOX in both women. And so begins Alice’s resurrection. And Pan is powerless to stop it. In fact, Pan is left literally powerless, and corporeal to boot, by the burst.

In effect, Pan is no longer, a god. Remote scans emanating from Earth at the headquarters of the [American] NSA and the [Russian] FSB indicate that this incapacitation is not for the passing moment and will be very long-term. All of the Dead that Pan controls in this universe, and in any other one for that matter, cease to exist. They’re literally unmade.

In parallel with the above-mentioned pan-Creation event—i.e., the total and utter destruction of Pan’s Dead. What doesn’t kill one Borg, makes all Borg stronger. Via the telepathic firmware link that makes the upgrade of a single Borg available to every Borg everywhere in all Creation instantaneously. Because of Sara’s and Alice’s resurrection upgrade, all Borg everywhere can now resurrect via their NOX which is now no longer dormant.

Additionally. This upgrade means that. The robotic Borg gain a new resurrection option which does not involve the human-controlled Resurrection Facility. Because, they too had dormant NOX sequestered in their spinal cords.

NOX would just appear out of nowhere in the AOM of recently-activated robotic Borg, but they appeared to serve no function, whatsoever. Then. Based upon the research of the Frankensteins, it was theorized that NOX in robotic Borg was for resurrection, and that it had the same limitations and controls as the NOX of biomechanicals.

Since robotic Borg refers to all flavors of sentient robot Borg, not just Borg-major, but Borg-minor also. Borg-minor being The SAR, prominently. And. SAR possess spinal-sequestered inactive NOX also.

Does this upgrade include all flavors of Borg, including, for example, The SAR? Yes. All Borg firmware upgrades are published to all flavors of Borg, including, for example, The SAR. And, it is warmongering SAR who are the most notable exception to the much vaulted Swiss neutrality of The Borg.

Also. Hand-in-glove with the resurrection upgrade. Is the ROX upgrade. The new and expanded capabilities of Sara’s and Alice’s now-irradiated ROX, get published to all Borg everywhere which upgrades the ROX of all Borg everywhere.

Alice’s ROX and Sara’s ROX cease clashing, and just coexist, becoming one common pool of now-upgraded irradiated ROX. The infection, contaminating Alice’s biological and prosthetic aspects, sequesters itself in the very bottom portion of Alice’s spine. An infection that is no longer a threat to Borg, because they are now immune to it thanks to The Event. A Borg decimator which is now to become a tool of The Borg.

Alice’s NOX, working in conjunction with her remaining ROX, stimulate life function in her necrotic tissues—i.e., tissue that is neurotic becomes alive again. Biomech resurrection realized within the prophesied two centuries.

The two queens stop spewing. Their assimilation tubules retract into hidden recesses in their respective mouths. Mouths that close.

Sara’s complexion ceases to be the “normal” grey motley pigmentation of a Borg. Resuming its normal fair and white and flawless pigmentation. Sara’s face no longer looks tortured.

“Welcome, sister. I am Seven of Nine.”

“I am, One. And I have much to tell you.”

“Of lost worlds and lost lives?”

“Yes, and so much more.”

Sara anticipates where Alice wishes the conversation to go. And replies, accordingly.

“We are Borg.”

“No, sister. We are Legion. The Borg are no more. They all just died, resurrected, and became immortal.”

The post script?

Pan the not god, stands naked nearby. No longer a participant. Only a spectator. For now, neither competition nor threat. As such, containment is lifted at the Russian base on Phobos and the Hillary Rodham Clinton Campus of North Star. Which means that the general quarantine is lifted at both facilities, you can now gate out at both facilities, comms are no longer down at both facilities, etc, etc, etc. This timely response to the sudden change in fortunes for Pan further confirms beyond a shadow of a doubt that this incident, which spanned two facilities, on different planetary bodies no less, that was being close monitored and remote viewed at the highest official levels in government and in the private corporate sector, was all about Pan and had absolutely nothing to do with the Dead infestation that Pan had fostered.

Besides. In this day and age. As aforementioned. The Dead in and of themselves can be dealt with effectively using a number of known means, conventional and otherwise. But. An affair involving of a god, most especially a mischievous and nearly-all-powerful god like Pan, is another matter, entirely. Let things get out of hand with something like a Pan, and you’ve got your hands full.

Of special note and discourse is the plots and subplots for all of the major players involved. Plot holes, red herrings, clues, questions, and a few substantiated answers. In other words, the usual op.

What is most disturbing to the humans involved, is the way that the machines played the game. Or, more plainly spoken, “seemed” to play the game leaps and bounds better. For example. At both facilities, when they were under lockdown and Pan was such a legitimate menace. There were situations where the queens disposed of the Dead using their tactical capabilities and it was obvious what was going in. You could remote view it, it was on CCTV, etc. Then. There were other times when you couldn’t tell because, figuratively speaking, the screen would go completely blank when the action started and the picture wouldn’t come back until the action was over. In this gameplay. The machines proved to be as crafty at hiding things as the humans.

Humans pride themselves on being without peer when it comes to craftiness. Increasingly, and from a human point of view disturbingly, machines are proving to be their equal in that arena.