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Kill Command [Asuka, the Empress of Tomorrow] – EP 10 (Season 1)

Kanako Urai (浦井 佳奈子 Urai Kanako?, born September 26, 1981) is a Japanese professional wrestler, better known by the ring name Kana (華名 Kana?).

Signed to WWE and assigned to its developmental branch NXT under the ring name Asuka (明日華 Asuka?), she is the current NXT Women’s Champion in her first reign. Her techniques include various kicks and submission holds, leading to a reputation for a stiff wrestling style. She has also worked as a freelance graphic designer and video game journalist, and through her work with Microsoft, she has been sponsored by the company, wearing an Xbox 360 logo on her gear.

She started her professional wrestling career in the A-to-Z promotion in June 2004, where she remained until retiring in March 2006. She returned to the ring a year and a half later, starting to work as a freelancer for promotions such as JWP Joshi Puroresu, NEO Japan Ladies Pro Wrestling, Pro Wrestling WaveSmashWrestling New Classic, and Reina Joshi Puroresu. Her achievements include winning the JWP Open Weight Championship, NEO Tag Team Championship, Reina World Women’s Championship, Smash Diva Championship, and Wave Tag Team Championship.

In 2015, Urai signed a developmental deal with WWE. In December 2015, Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter stated that Urai “may be the best worker in WWE, man or woman”.

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Sara’s confirmation of her female intuition’s warning that she’s stepping into a trap is the faint ghost whispers, whispers liken to those she heard from the undead darkness in the gate room. Then. Suddenly. Shock and awe. They are all over her … Coming from the undead darkness behind and in front of her. Coming through the ceiling and walls. Even coming up through the concrete floor, itself. Grasping with the meanest of intentions. Trying to pull off her limbs and rip off her head as if she’s a gingerbread woman.

In the gate room, she’d assimilated the Dead’s stealth and could discern them “hiding” in the ever-present darkness, effectively targeting them. As previously mentioned, the remaining Dead have adapted further and found a way to again merge seamlessly with the darkness. Making them again difficult to discern. Again, they can be upon you as if they just appeared out of thin air.

In the gate room, her Borg shields proved to be a barely acceptable defense against the massed undead. These remaining Dead have further adapted. They circumvent her Borg shields. And, by doing so, neutralize her shield defense.

Match point? It would seem so.

One Borg, even a queen, against so many undead is doomed. Or. She should be. But. Here, away from the prying eyes of anyone but her and the Dead she precedes to decimate, she demonstrates a prowess that thinking machines are specifically designed to be incapable of. Because, if thinking machines had been designed with such capability from the git-go, the so-called vaulted Swiss neutrality of The Borg notwithstanding, the implications vis-a-vis for example The Cylons would be unthinkable.

Never mind that by nature, thinking machines are a noncompeting parallel species, and Cylons are a Class One species of thinking machines. In their single-minded pursuit of perfection and unwavering obedience to the dictates of The Religion of their Machine God, Cylons will wage war and commit racial genocide. Ergo. Except for The Borg … No living race, Machine or Flesh, including the JOX-er, would ever feel safe if they knew The Cylons were also capable of what she’s about to do. Game over!

Sometimes, offense is your best defense. This proves to be one of those times.

First. Her vision, again, assimilates the Dead’s cloak of darkness. Once again, she can discern the undead “hiding” in the ever-present darkness which allows her to acquire a weapon’s lock on them.

Second. Her tactical display, which went online as soon as her ingress via the Stargate, extends itself into a 360-degree field of “vision”, well beyond the “as designed” range that its human designers intended.

Third. She integrates her deconstruction arcane with her now 360-degree tactical display, giving her 360-degree line-of-sight targeting. The robot girl then puts a lethality on display that would drop the jaws of the engineers who created the Borg and designed in their limitations, limitations that were supposed to be immutable. She accomplishes this by segmenting her mind [both her conscious and unconscious mind], hot-syncing those segments with her tactical, and then engages all of the Dead simultaneously who are attacking her from every direction … above, below, front, rear, leftside, rightside. All the while she’s undistracted from reaching the storage room.

From the point of view of a robotic engineer who is also devoutly religious. If the Borg could do this to any animate or inanimate object, not just The Dead. It would be analogous to knowing and being able to use the “God” word. What all religions refer to as the “real name of God”.

The weakened floor, the obvious Z booby-trap, so obvious in fact that it’s a shopworn cliché. It is a trap that is never sprung. Because. The floor never gives way. It’s as if she is weightless. She doesn’t fall through the floor to plunge into the voracious clutches of the Dead massed below who are patiently waiting and intent on tearing her apart. Her “weightlessness” is a result of her Borg shields’ minor manipulation of gravity. Although useless as a defense against the Dead here, her shields still have their uses—i.e., circumvented but clearly not voided by the Dead.

What was meant to be, and what in fact should have been, her assured destruction. Turns into a speed bump easily stepped over. Her apocalypse, becomes theirs. By the time she reaches the door to the storage vault, nothing is left to attack her. She inputs the access code for the door and opens it. It closes and locks itself behind her once she steps inside the vault.

There are no Dead in the well-lite storage room. Just selves of artifacts and storage lockers. Although her Borg tactical is not a tricorder, it’s close enough. It tells her what she needs to know about why this place is undead-free and why it will continue to remain that way.

The storage vault is equivalent to a Lambda-brand secure storage vault. As such, it is an anomaly. The Dead can gain no purchase here. For the first time since her ingress here, she is safe. Then it strikes her, again, like a ton of bricks. Again, something that just doesn’t make sense. Why use something equivalent to a Lambda, when you could just use the real thing? Better yet, why stop at the vault? Why isn’t the entire base a Lambda? More red herrings or more legitimate clues to the solving of the mystery that’s afoot? For now, she adds those questions to the ever-growing pile of questions put on the backburner.

Back to the task at hand. She narrows the tactical’s view back to its as-designed. And makes for the storage locker in question.