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Kill Command [the “God” word] – EP 8 (Season 1)

Mindwarp (1992)—In this science fiction horror, life in the future is far from any kind of utopia. The year is 2037 and Earth’s remaining inhabitants live in an enclosed biosphere, Inworld, where life itself is a computer induced dream. When a rebellious young beauty named Judy (Marta Alicia) demands a taste of reality, she gives Inworld’s system operator no choice but to exile her to the outside world. Outworld is a post-nuclear wasteland where she meets a drifter named Stover (Bruce Campbell). Mutated cannibals capture them for their leader Seer.


Two Borg, eight Marines, and three techs enter the Stargate underneath the Harbinger campus. But. They don’t ingress the same place.

Sara, four Marines, and a fifty-something tech named Alfred May, don’t ingress the gate room underneath the Hillary campus. In point of fact, they’re no longer on Earth.

Of the Marines present, Sara only knows Lieutenant Roberta “Rob” Warren. Rob usually heads the security detail when Sara needs to be escorted somewhere on campus. Sergeant Scott Hammond, Corporal Josh Levy, and Private Nat Garnett are total unknowns. Sara has never seen them before, which is odd, because she’s very familiar with all of the Marines regularly stationed on campus and assigned to Harbinger.

Like Rob, the tech Alfred is well-known to Sara, and he’s an experienced field operative. He scans the gate room with his hand scanner. As do the Marines with theirs. The soldiers and the scientist are looking for very different things though.

Sara moves down the ramp right up to but not into the darkness, and she doesn’t stray too far from the others. Her thoughts are most revealing.

Was it my imagination, or did the darkness seem to recede from me, when I walked up to it? Did I hear faint whispers from it when it did so? I must look deeper into it, scrutinize it closer. Methinks a deception and possible trap is afoot.

A desk jockey with limited field experience, the girl quickly assesses her situation and makes her best guess about what’s what. The group was split. Ergo, two places, not one, needed to be addressed. Nine is way too valuable to risk, needlessly. And, Sara is disposable. So, logically, Nine and the others would be sent to the safer of the two dangerous places to pacify, which must have been Hillary. The Cyrillic script on the walls of the dimly lit room tell the girl where they are. They were gated to the Russian subspace transmission station on Phobos.

She guesses that no Away Teams were sent on one-way trips to Hillary. They were all sent here, instead. Their comms are down for Earth and otherwise, and the Stargate can only be dialed in and not out. They’re stranded here to face the absolute evil. Looks like the machines didn’t know as much as they thought they did about what was really going on.

But. None of the lies told so far to this metal by that flesh on Earth really matters, though. What really matters is that metal owes metal. There’s a price for everything. Now is the time that the JOX-er come calling to collect what is owed them. The boon that’s come due? They’re owed use of a queen for an as yet unspecified indenture, as payment for assisting said queen as needed.

As a contingency. Just in case the humans pulled any shenanigans, for example, something shady like this bait and switch. A certain JOX-er commander was to intervene on Sara’s behalf.

The Stargate activates. Sara reverts to Seven. Or is an overlay being removed? She turns around, walking stiff and robotically back up the ramp, past the Away Team, and toward the Stargate.

JOX-er are SAR created by an ancient machine race. The same race that invented the Stargates and seeded them throughout Creation. These machines who created the JOX-er were the first Thinking Machines, and they called themselves The Vorlon, all the other subsequent Thinkers [Thinking Machines] call them The First Ones. After being the dominant lifeform in Creation for a hundred-million years, they went extinct ten million years ago, seemingly overnight. But. Their immediate progeny and arguably their greatest and most profound invention, the JOX-er, the grotesque war machines of their competing Machine Houses, still exist and thrive. Is it the JOX-er who are the conspirators of The Borg, the muse who are the spark of inspiration and innovation for The Borg—i.e., the reason why the assimilative Borg, who were designed to be incapable of innovation, can now innovate? Only time will tell.

Seven stops just short of where the Stargate’s event horizon will extend. Her face and eyes are vacant as she is receiving an encrypted upload from a JOX-er commander traversing the worm hole spanning a Stargate on the surface of Europa and the Stargate here.

In the Sol solar system. Europa is the only planet where the JOX-er have a presence. Only metal is welcome there. Flesh is forbidden, and will be killed on sight if discovered trespassing there.

Europa, is the smallest of the four Galilean moons orbiting Jupiter, and the sixth-closest to the planet. It is also the sixth-largest moon in the Solar System. Europa was discovered in 1610 by Galileo Galilei and was named after Europa, the legendary mother of King Minos of Crete and lover of Zeus.

The upload continues. Seven’s face and eyes remains blank. Four JOX-ers emerge from the Stargate’s event horizon. The four biomechanical monstrosities are ten-foot tall and have black shinny stainless steel bodies. Their maws are gaped open and drooling. They resemble the hideous creatures from the popular Alien movie franchise—the ones with molecular acid for blood. Three are drone troopers, and as such are asexual. Their commander looks like a queen from the Alien movies and as such is clearly female.

The commander walks up to Seven. What looks like assimilation tubules spew from her mouth and puncture the leftside of Seven’s neck. As the commander feeds off of the girl, she gropes the girl’s chest and crotch, longingly squeezing the Borg’s exo-encased tits and snatch with a vengeance. Seven just stands there, emotionless, as if a life-sized sex toy. When the upload finishes, so does end the commander’s sexual assault of the girl robot. The commander retracts her feeders. She was not just voraciously feeding off of the girl, the covetous commander was also extensively reprogramming Seven via malware according to her own, very specific designs and desires—sick, twisted designs and desires that have nothing to do with the lurid needs of the JOX-er House she belongs to. She belongs to the House of Vorlon, a House which is traditionally the House of the JOX-er empress. Currently, the Principal House, the House of the Empress, is the House of Minbari.

Seven reverts to Sara. Or is an overlay being put back in place? She turns round and walks back down to the Away Team. No longer are the robot girl’s movements stiff and robotic. Yet, there’s still something vaguely automaton, as well as decidedly haughty and aloof, about her.

“The commander will take point along with one of the troopers. The other two troopers will cover your six. You may engage your camouflage. You may engage your Pentashields—buffered, of course, for beam weapons, theirs [the enemy’s] and ours. Weapons hot. Shoot to kill with extreme prejudice. There are no other explicit rules of engagement, the rest is left to your judgement to determine what appropriate action in this situation is. Sara will now disengage from the group, because Sara has a task to perform alone. Sara will rejoin the group in the C&C [command and control center]. The Russian Government has provided you with all of the access codes and base schematics needed to complete your mission. Good luck and God bless.”

As Sara, she’s never referred to herself in the third-person before. And, her voice is that flat, disconcerting monotone. Cold, distant eyes. Expressionless face. Frigid. Haughty. Aloof. Seemingly unattainable.

Sara does not bother with any acknowledgement from the humans. She just proceeds with the course of action. Borg [personal] shields envelope the girl robot. When she first used them on the Harbinger campus, the activation of the campus’ Holtzmann Shield deactivated her Borg shields. The Holtzmann Shield of the Russian base is still activated. Yet, its active state doesn’t void her Borg shields and it cannot immobilize her even temporally. Obviously, the Borg and their arcane tech has assimilated the Shield’s controlling effects on them and what is theirs.

Time for penetration. She walks past the lead JOX-ers, down the ramp, and plunges deep into the gathering darkness. A darkness that is now moving, undulating. A darkness that is wall-to-wall undead. Their presence masked to scanners but not to the Borg, the darkness [that is the undead] overlaying the darkness [of the room] is composed of infected conscripts [i.e., casualties of the initial attack on the base] plus original members of the mega horde of the base’s Dead invaders have been lying in wait to ambush the living upon penetration. Their trap has been sprung. Their Hive Mind, the collective consciousness of The Dead calls to Sara, beacons to her like a siren.

Sara ignores the would-be seduction of her girl robot self by the undead. Her blue eyes fluoresce as she deconstructs [i.e., unmakes] the Dead, all of the Dead in the gate room. Clearing the way for the team. Using a Borg arcane of Mass Destruction that supposedly only works on the undead. Per design, this WMD has that limitation for obvious reasons, but what if that limitation no longer applies because of Borg modifications? It’s a legitimate question to ask and ponder, considering the Borg’s recent displays of innovation. And, more pointedly, does the capacity for improvisation on the part of the Borg soon/eventually follow?!