Quote for the Day, Saturday November 26, 2016

“My top three fighters in history were Henry Armstrong, Sugar Ray Robinson and Harry Greb – no one comes close to achieving what those three boxers achieved. Everyone should be familiar with the tremendous accomplishments of Ray Robinson and Armstrong, but few know the story of Greb. There’s no footage available of Greb’s boxing career, but what made him stand out from other boxers like Rocky Marciano, Muhammad Ali, Joe Louis, Julio Cesar Chavez Jr., Jack Dempsey, Marvin Hagler etc., is that Greb was a natural welterweight who fought and beat middleweights, light heavyweights and heavyweights – in fact he gave legendary heavyweight Gene Tunney his first loss and only loss – Tunney was a beast and one of the best heavyweights in history. Now imagine Pacquiao or Floyd fighting Wladimir Klitschko and beating him –get the point?” — Jaime Ortega