USS Defiant (The other one …)

The USS Defiant – Constitution class – arrives in the Mirror Universe!

Ok, technically this is incomplete. I should add intro and credits at the end plus the cut has not got all the sound effects I wanted. But I have a course critical to a change in career approaching and I really, really have to start preparing for it. If I feel I have done enough prep and I have time before the course starts I will try and see if I can tidy this up. But, given what I have coming up I cannot guarantee. So, rather than having this just lying around on the hard disk, I thought I would upload it.

Many thanks to Like2upload for allowing me use of his mix of the ‘Airwolf’ theme. The full rendering is here…… I think it’s seriously cool!

All copyright remains that of Paramount and associates. This is for fan/fun purposes only.

Er, if you have a spare minute, you may check out my “Ah my Goddess” AMV’s. Though they are a different pace and somehwat different taste. Though I suppose the ‘All my Goddess” is also rather action based.

Thanks to all!

[‘Enterprise’ Not as bad as you remembered! Apart from ‘A night in sickbay.’ That really stank.]