Duke Ellington, Esther Marrow, Alice Babs, Russell Procope, Tony Watkins, Cootie Williams, and Music from Duke’s First, Second & Third Sacred Concerts

A Concert Of Sacred Music – Grace Cathedral (San Francisco, CA). September 16, 1965
01:08 “Overture to Black, Brown and Beige”: Come Sunday/Montage
11:57 Tell Me It’s The Truth
15:59 In The Beginning God
28:22 Ain’t But The One
31:28 New World A-Comin’
40:46 The Lord’s Prayer
43:56 Come Sunday
49:49 David Danced Before The Lord With All His Might (Come Sunday)

Cootie Williams, Cat Anderson, Herbie Jones, Mercer Ellington(t); Lawrence Brown, Buster Cooper(tb); Chuck Connors(btb); Jimmy Hamilton(cl,ts); Russell Procope
(cl,as); Johnny Hodges(as); Paul Gonsalves(ts); Harry Carney(cl,bcl,as,bar); Duke Ellington(p); John Lamb(sb); Louie Bellson(d); Esther Marrow, Jimmy McPhail, Jon Hendricks, Herman McCoy Choir, Grace Cathedral Choir

Duke Ellington Second Sacred Concert
Almighty God has those Angels
Alice Babs (vocal)
Russell Procope (clarinet)

Second Sacred Music Concert
Duke Ellington, Alice Babs,Tony Watkins & Choir

Duke Ellington (Second Sacred Music Concert)
Shepherd Who Watches Over The Night Flock
Cootie Williams (trumpet)

Duke Ellington and His Orchestra:
Mercer Ellington, Harold Johnson, Johnny Coles, Barrie Lee Hall, tp; Vince Prudente, Art Baron, Chuck Connors, tb; Harold Minerve, as, fl; Russell Procope, as; Harold Ashby, ts, cl; Percy Marion, ts; Harry Carney, bs, cl, bcl; Duke Ellington, p; Joe Benjamin, b; Quentin White, d; Tony Watkins, Alice Babs, v; John Alldis Choir conducted by Roscoe Gill, Jr.
Recorded in performance at Westminster Abbey, London (UK), October 24, 1973.

0:00 Introduction by Sir Colin Crowe
1:34 Introduction by Duke Ellington
2:33 The Lord’s Prayer/My Love (D. Ellington, p; A. Babs, v; H. Carney, bs)
10:23 Is God A Three-Letter Word For Love? [Part I] (Babs, v; R. Procope, as)
14:50 Is God A Three-Letter Word For Love? [Part II] (Narration by Watkins; Babs, choir, vocals)
18:35 The Brotherhood (Harold Ashby, ts; choir)
24:10 Hallelujah (Choir)
27:40 Every Man Prays in His Own Language (Babs and choir, vocals; Art Baron, recorder; Ashby, ts; D. Ellington, p)
38:48 Ain’t Nobody Nowhere Nothin’ Without God (Watkins, v)
43:05 The Majesty of God (Babs, v; Carney, bs)