Top 12 Places You’re NOT Allowed To Visit In The World [Disney Club 33 Exclusive Club]

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Think the world is your oyster? Think again! From top secret HQ’s to secretive underground train networks – we run through the Top 12 places you won’t be entering anytime soon for love nor money.

Disney Club 33 Exclusive Club

Club 33

Located at Disneyland, California, this fairly unobtrusive looking front door is actually the entrance to a highly exclusive members only club. How do I get in ? I hear you cry. Well firstly, you need to locate it. Without giving too much away, head to New Orleans Square and look for the Blue Bayou. Getting in won’t be as easy – the club is not open to the public. However, members, which include Presidents of the United States, business leaders and actors – can bring friends and associates along, so you better start networking!