Day: September 23, 2015

China’s president has been going to funerals lately — it’s a sign of trouble

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Chinese President Xi Jinping.

Chinese President Xi Jinping has been attending a lot of funerals lately, and it’s because he needs friends, badly.

For months, Reuters reports, the president has been attending to the funerals of high-level, retired party officials from various factions of the Chinese government.… Read Full Article

Top 12 Places You’re NOT Allowed To Visit In The World [Coca-Cola Recipe Vault]

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Think the world is your oyster? Think again! From top secret HQ’s to secretive underground train networks – we run through the Top 12 places you won’t be entering anytime soon for love nor money.

Coca-Cola Recipe Vault


Coca-Cola has guarded it’s secret recipe for over 125 years, and although the company will give access to the vault for paying people.

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