Day: September 21, 2015

The Last of Us [What’s NXT?!]

The Mysterious Disappearing Act of Joanne PesciA group of mobsters crowd around Tammy DeVito as she tells a crude joke. They’re sitting around a table at a dimly lit restaurant, a hot spot where Tammy has accumulated a $7,000 tab.… Read Full Article

Top 12 Places You’re NOT Allowed To Visit In The World [RAF Minworth: Based in Harrogate, North Yorkshire]

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Think the world is your oyster? Think again! From top secret HQ’s to secretive underground train networks – we run through the Top 12 places you won’t be entering anytime soon for love nor money.

RAF Minworth: Based in Harrogate, North Yorkshire

RAF Menwith-Hill

This peculiar looking complex of buildings and dome-shaped structures provide communications and intelligence support to both the UK and U.S.

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Why authoritarian rulers are worried

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140604230420-tiananmen-june-4-gall-8-horizontal-large-galleryChinese Paramilitary police officers stand guard near Tiananmen Square on June 4, 2014 in Beijing, China.

Editor’s Note: Tyler Roylance is a senior editor at Freedom House, a non-government research and advocacy organization dedicated to “the expansion of freedom and democracy around the world.” The views expressed are his own

Story highlights:

  • Tyler Roylance: Authoritarian regimes rely on economic development, aggressive nationalism
  • Democracies have demonstrated ability to endure, adapt, recover, writer says

(CNN) Falling oil prices, pitiless civil wars, and the rapidly growing number of refugees have put much of the world in crisis mode, but authoritarian states are being hit especially hard.

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