Day: September 2, 2015

The Last of Us [The Protectors – Season Two]

When the law fails you, The Protectors won’t. Unflappable American Harry Rule, beautiful Brit Contessa di Contini, and suave Frenchman Paul Buchet return for another action-packed season of hi-tech sleuthing, international espionage and juicy romance. Based in London, Rome, and Paris, these three super detectives operate a secret agency, jetting around the world hiring out their services to those in need.… Read Full Article

Heroin users are cutting their heroin with a deadly chemical in hopes of bringing themselves ‘as close to the line as possible’

Business Insider
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A drug addict injects herself with narcotics in central AthensVicky, a 40-year-old, Canadian-born, Greek drug addict, prepares to re-inject herself with a cocktail known as speedball, a cocaine and heroin mix, on a central Athens sidestreet April 30, 2012. The WHO (World Health Organization) recommends that 200 clean syringes are provided per drug user per year to limit HIV infection.Read Full Article