21 of the World’s Most Extravagant Casino Resorts [17. Aria Resort & Casino/CityCenter — Las Vegas]

If you’d like to try your hand at lady luck and want to do it in style, there are an increasing number of casinos around the world that offer the utmost in extravagant luxury – and not just in Las Vegas. While you’ll find more than a few to choose from in Sin City as well as famed gaming destinations like Monte Carlo, there are some rather lavish options in places like Germany, China, Singapore, and beyond. Roll the dice, choose your favorite and start packing.

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17. Aria Resort & Casino/CityCenter Las Vegas (photos & prices)

The massive CityCenter complex, which features Aria Resort & Casino, along with dozens of restaurants and bars, covers an area of nearly 5.4 million square feet and is the largest private construction project in America’s history, coming at a price tag of $9 million. Stay at the Aria, and your room will greet you when you step through the door, address you by name and even gently wake you up in the morning. Every detail, from the lighting and music to the window shades, are tailored to your preference. The hotel features a total of 4,004 guest rooms and suites, while the casino offers 150,000 square feet of gaming space, including table games, slots and poker. It also features a massive, 215,000-square-foot pool area with 50 cabanas, a world- class spa and a theater.