How To Beat Manny Pacquiao — The real blueprint for victory [Wilson Kayden Series]

Published on Nov 7, 2014

The first in a series on how to beat Pacquiao. Please pay close attention to the disclaimer at the beginning of this video. Nonsense responses will not be tolerated.

In this 1st video, we break down the fact that Pacquiao is not mentally or physically disciplined enough to “hold the phone” with his left hand. Every time, and I mean every single time Pacquiao uses his right hand, he drops his left hand. You don’t need to be a boxing trainer to know this can only be a recipe for disaster.

I can walk into any boxing gym, any day of the week and pick a guy at random with better technique on the jab than Pacquiao.

Published on Nov 26, 2014

The second installment of the “How to Beat Manny Pacquiao” series is here. Coming off his latest win against a 140lb Algieri with 8 KO’s and a DELUSIONAL corner team. I felt it was appropriate to bring certain people back to the sad reality of the situation at hand.

The entire series will be complete before the Mega fight happens, IF it ever happens.

Keep the comments sensible and stick to boxing. Thank you.

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Wilson Kayden
Wilson Kayden