‘Lip Sync Battle’: Anne Hathaway Goes Method for Miley

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Anne Hathaway kills it with her lip sync of Wrecking Ball by Miley Cyrus. Spike presents Lip Sync Battle, Thursdays at 10/9c.

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Lip Sync Battle is already a huge viral sensation. Now Spike is taking it to the next level with its very own show, hosted by LL Cool J and with colorful commentary by social media maven, Chrissy Teigen. Each episode will feature two A-list celebrities like you’ve never seen them before – syncing their hearts out in hysterically epic performances. The mic is off, the battle is on!

Anne Hathaway on Lip Sync Battle


Spike has released a preview of Anne Hathaway’s upcoming appearance on Lip Sync Battle and, unsurprisingly, she goes full method for her performance of Miley Cyrus’s “Wrecking Ball.”

She’s got the nails…

'Lip Sync Battle': Anne Hathaway Goes Method for Miley

…the underwear/Doc Martens combo…

…and, of course, the titular wrecking ball.

Anne Hathaway has taken her fair share of flack in the past for that specific sort of earnesty she oozes, but, oh man, if it isn’t entertaining to watch her throw caution to the wind and go full-Miley for a night. Honestly it’s a little surprising she didn’t go blonde for the performance, after all she was willing to shave her head for Les Miserables so how bad could a little bleach be?

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We’re anxious to see what Hathaway’s former Devil Wears Prada rival Emily Blunt’s got up her sleeve when the full episode airs this Thursday, but this one looks hard to beat.

Lip Sync Battle airs Thursdays at 10 p.m. on Spike.