I, The Jury – “Joie de vivre” [Part 67]

Yoko Ono—“I dunno. I think ‘I drive a Cadillac’ has a certain Joie de vivre about it. But only in America, maybe.”


Against the urging of the United States, on Tuesday, Germany, France, and Italy followed England in joining the Chinese-led Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, also known A.I.I.B., an new organization that could come to rival to the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund.

By doing so, the European Union is attempting to establish itself as a major economic and financial block with global reach. To not be a part of this effort would lessen its role in the world.

Furthermore, America has dominated the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund from their inception at the Bretton Woods conference in the 1940s. Here we are seeing countries attempting to create a place for themselves to be influential in the world, something that the United States has not fully allowed in the other international investment banks.

Announcing the association between China and Germany, France and Italy, was Wolfgang Schäuble, Germany’s finance minister. This seems consistent with the German leadership of Eurozone efforts. It speaks of how the countries of the union are attempting to position themselves within global trade and finance. And, doing this independently of the United States, exhibits the fact that Europe must achieve its own position in the world if it is to be a fully functioning economic union.

This move can also help European economies as China serves as a major trading partner of the Eurozone, with China being Germany’s fourth-largest trading partner. Furthermore, Europe is expecting to be an even larger destination for Chinese investments.

It must also be noted that three senior members of the Principal House of the Dragon Empress have an as yet unspecified stake in the A.I.I.B., but the Dragon Empress herself does not. It is known that their ownership is not controlling, consisting no more than 25%.


“Jailed for life without chance for parole in Hades-Kahn super max prison on Mars. Ouch.”

“Who’d have thunk it?”

“It’s just goes to show that the old saying is true. You can never predict how a jury is going verdict.”

“Quite so.”

It’s raining. A nice, steady April downpour. They’re strolling leisurely on the sidewalk. Mondo adjusts the umbrella to keep Coco dry.

“It was very White of Catherine to sign over custody of her children to Miles’ sister.”

“Yes it was.”

“Then again, it wasn’t like she really had a choice in the matter.”

“Not any choice at all.”

“After beating the rap so many times before. Catherine, the proverbial Teflon murderess, finally got got. I think the difference this time was not the evidence so much as it was the presentation, attack, and due diligence of that new ADA who tried the case. Even with the turncoat’s testimony, the evidence against Catherine was circumstantial at best and thus weak fodder for any first-rate defense attorney let alone the elite barristers that Catherine had in the employ of her legal defense.”

“I think so too. Somehow, without a plea bargain or promise of immunity, the ADA got Obie to turn state’s evidence and testify against Catherine. But with Obie being such a total douche bag, and thus his word clearly being suspect, his testimony could not even remotely be construed as the real trump card that put teeth into the prosecution. The ADA herself was clearly the difference maker.”

“She used to be a defense attorney, didn’t she?”


“Didn’t she used to be your attorney?”

“She still is.”


Mondo returns in – “The Last of Us”