World’s grandest abandoned hotels [10/20]

Abandoned hotels

Inside a hotel in Austria. (Thomas Windisch/Caters News)  

Grand banqueting halls, opulent lobbies and vast ballrooms; you could easily be forgiven for thinking this was a collection of photographs was documenting some of Europe’s grandest hotels. However, a closer look will reveal the majestic rooms to be engulfed in swathes of dust and moss; hotels that once hosted royals and high society abandoned to the elements.

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The Real Reason for China’s Massive Military Buildup [Part 1]

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1024px-Flickr_-_Israel_Defense_Forces_-_20_Years_of_Cooperation_with_the_Chinese_Navy_(5)History haunts China—and could be driving its A2/AD strategy.

Over several different articles, I have been exploring the dynamics of the budding U.S.-China security dilemma—a high-tech drama pitting anti-access/area-denial (A2/AD) against what we used to refer to as Air-Sea Battle (ASB)—and have offered several different ways to lessen the possibility of such a dynamic from becoming cemented into the Asia-Pacific’s security architecture.… read the full article