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I, The Jury – “A box that is a BOX e.g. dybbuk or dibbuk” [Part 59]

The dybbuk box, or dibbuk box (Hebrew: קופסאת דיבוק, Kufsat Dibbuk), is any BOX that is haunted by a dybbuk. A dybbuk is a malicious, homicidally-inclined, usually restless spirit who is capable of haunting, possessing, and even wearing the living. This predatory species of BOX gained notoriety when one of its kind was auctioned on eBay with an accompanying horror story written by Kevin Mannis, and is the original inspiration for the acclaimed indie documentary film The Possession [Grand Jury Prize Documentary winner, Sundance Film Festival].


Shadow: Dead Riot: Special Edition—Ann Mueller and Margaret Baker were very well cast as predatory lesbian guards who set their sights on pretty female inmates like Misty Mundae and Ruby Larocca. But aside from some brief conversations, nothing ever happens! There’s not one halfway decent girls-molesting-other-girls scene in this entire film! Obviously the decision was made to get right to the stupid zombies instead. The only saving grace was stock footage spliced in from Obie Jones, GO-4-ZERO, &Ampersand Week, and The Possession.


“Hurry up, make your choice. You know how impatient I can be.” That’s clearly directed at Mondo. Then, as Coco heads for the door, she casually adds this parting shot: “If anyone here knows the guys in Mastodon, tell them to title their next album Big Slabs of Hoss.”

In other words, Coco is declaring victory before Mondo has made her choice known to anyone [including Coco] in the room. Overconfidence on the elder Vampire’s part? Yes. But, not unfounded. Coco and Mondo are exes who know each other so very well. Even though the marriage was only a one-day. When you’re soulmates you can learn volumes about someone in a mere 24-hour period of matrimony. Besides, this [choice of Mondo’s] above all things is about [and thus involves] ROE. To a “proper” supernatural, especially a demon, ROE [is supposed to] supersede everything. For all of her perversions and depravity, Evil incarnate and the personification of Death notwithstanding, the total degenerate [Mondo Kane] is first and foremost a proper supernatural being.

The proposal involving U.S. Senator Jane “Lorca” Wright and her right-hand Alice Beatrice Krige is the height of conceit. Yes, the two are immortal. Yes, the “deal” was presented to and blessed by the [supernatural] powers-that-be at the very highest levels, but … the Senator is still mundane and there are in place the binding [i.e. unvoidable] claims of supernatural beings. Politeness dictated that the Eldest go through the motions. It is up to Mondo to make this [her choice] according to Hoyle. What is in place must remain in place, superseding while not voiding her use by the Senator and the Senator’s right-hand. Greed: feed me, now!

The proposal involving the Dragons is as simple as pie. Yes, Dragons are supernatural beings—the second darkest, second oldest Children of God. Yes, Freddie Krueger is a Dragon. But … there are existing claims against her [Mondo Kane] which are demonic in nature. Demons are the darkest, oldest Children of God. Therefore, per ROE, the claims of demons supersede [i.e. trump] any Dragon’s claim levied against the Vampire [Mondo Kane]. Fats owns her; nothing can ever change that, nor does Mondo want that to ever change. Yes, what the Dragon is implicitly proposing is that Mondo will be covetously used by both of them [i.e. Krueger and Tangerina], and thus by implicit proxy Tangerina will [inclusively, not exclusively] own Mondo, and all Mondo has to do is agree to this in its totality and it will be according to ROE since Krueger and Tangerina are both supernatural, additionally the being [Tangerina] who is seeking Mondo’s ownership is a demon [and an Eldest one at that], and Mondo’s ownership by Tangerina will be an addendum. Per ROE, ownership can either be of an exclusive or of an inclusive nature, that persuasion must be decided with the first ownership, and that original ownership type must be persevered by each succeeding ownership. What is in place must remain in place, superseding while not voiding her use by Freddie and Tangerina, and she’ll throw in doing Brosnan, because she just so wants to do him on the fly. Greed: feed me, now!

Wordlessly, Mondo exits the hotel suite. Coco is nowhere in sight. Special Agents Eunice Bloom and Bernie Mack are officially off the case and on desk duty. Mundane hands are being wiped of the entire matter. After all the sidetracking, red herrings, etc. It’s back to where it all started: Mondo Kane and whoever or whatever killed one of her closest friends, the Food who was Miles Davis. Whoever or whatever? Where did the “whatever” come from?

When she got back to being the real Mondo Kane, complete and whole, she knew who the culprit was. Everything fell into place and was crystal clear. Then the totally unexpected happened.

A BOX phased very briefly into the hotel suite upon a nightstand near Tangerina while Krueger was making her proposal. Mind you … It wasn’t just any BOX. It was a dybbuk box. Because this surprise guest appearance involves a dibbuk. That can’t be a coincidence. Maybe it’s not Catherine, after all. Maybe the BOX is culprit. They’re known to like to watch and wander amidst their mayhem.

Down the hall, a hotel maid exits a room rolling her cleaning cart. Intent on what she’s doing, she locks the door, once her egress is complete. Then, totally out of character [for a hotel domestic], she turns her head to look directly at Mondo and smiles [inhumanely wide and toothy]. No longer bent over the cart, she stands bolt upright.

Physically, she looks like a cross between the uber-strident Alice Beatrice Krige and the junkie whore Ms. De’Ann “Tangerina” Power. There is a knobb on either side of her neck. Her hands klaw upon dropping to her side.

Voices, the voices of The Borg Collective, suddenly crowd the Vampire’s head. Mondo is overwhelmed and blacks out. Just before she completely loses consciousness, she hears maniacal laughter deafen the voices.

“Finally, you are mine … And you are mine, forever!!!”