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Becky is Better [Episode #074]

“Here’s a toast to nipples. Because, without them, titties would be totally meaningless.”Kat Morgan [Kristanna Loken] in, Mercenaries

Id, ego, and super-ego are the three parts of the psychic apparatus defined in Sigmund Freud’s structural model of the psyche; they are the three theoretical constructs in terms of whose activity and interaction our mental life is described. According to this model of the psyche, the id is the set of uncoordinated instinctual trends; the super-ego plays the critical and moralizing role; and the ego is the organized, realistic part that mediates between the desires of the id and the super-ego. The super-ego can stop one from doing certain things that one’s id may want to do.

Although the model is structural and makes reference to an apparatus, the id, ego and super-ego are purely symbolic concepts about the mind and do not correspond to actual (somatic) structures of the brain such as the kind dealt with by neuroscience.


Stacy, her badge hanging from a chain around her neck, does a double-take, looking back-n-forth between Becky and Mondo. Looks can be deceiving, though. And, in this case are. In spite of their striking resemblance, Stacy is not Mondo’s alternate in this world. Stacy, Margaret, and Becky are.

In this world, Mondo’s alternate is a trifurcation: Stacy (her super-ego), Becky (her ego), and Margaret (her Id). Mondo (the psyche as a whole) is quite different than these three constituent parts (of that psyche) are on their own in three different people on this Earth.

Mondo ceases feeding on Margaret and lets her limp naked body drop to the floor. Margaret only looks to be at death’s door. The call girl is still very much alive. The Vampire [Mondo Kane] licks her lips clean of the precious sweet nectar that fresh, warm human blood is to her kind. Margaret’s shredded clothes have been tossed in front of the wardrobe that contains the clothes who are people.

In the living room, EMTs are tending to two teachers and a group of school children from a nearby Montessori School, Washington Garden. Margaret had abducted them in broad daylight while they were on a field trip at Shaw’s Garden. She simultaneously wore fifteen people—two adults and thirteen kids, and she further brazenly dared to do so outside the auspices of her ROOM. There was no overlay of the Missouri Botanical Garden by her ROOM.

When two of Saint Louis’ finest followed her into the apartment, sidearms drawn, and engaged her. After a very brief confrontation, she wore them too. Then she killed them outright, achieving orgasm as she wore them while they expired.

As she led her newest wardrobe additions into the bedroom, she confronted Mondo. That encounter didn’t go her way. At the height of her power, in the overlay of her ROOM, this upstart Vampire proved to be her better.

“Will, I presume that I was someone’s Plan-B. Looks like everything worked out like they wanted.” Mondo quips. She realizes, intuitively, what Stacy, Margaret, and Becky represent. In time, the three women will realizes the same. “I’m Mondo Kane.” Mondo extends her hand.

Without hesitation, Becky walks over and shakes Mondo’s hand.

“I’m Becky Better, and this is Stacy Keibler.”

“She looks just like the one does in my world. Is she your BFF?”

“One of them. My other BFF is a girl named Ronda Rousey, the UFC fighter. But, then, you already know this.”

“Bravo, how discerning of you. You read people well.”

“I do when they’re as intentionally transparent as you are. I bet you know a lot about me and I know nothing about you. I’m at a disadvantage.”

“In more ways than one.”

Becky starts to say something, but instead just smiles politely and lets go of Mondo’s hand. They know a lot about each other through intelligence briefings from their respective governments. This is the first time that they have met in person.

As deadly as Becky is, Becky is definitely Mondo-lite, and knows it. In her dossier, this girl Mondo is described as Death incarnate, and pure evil, and that’s the vibe that she gives off in spades. She sends shivers up and down Becky’s spine. To say that Becky an experienced operator is totally smitten [by Mondo’s skills], is an understatement.

In this overlaid room, overlaid by her ROOM with the ROOM firmly on her side, Becky could have probably taken Margaret. But this isn’t Mondo’s ROOM, and the interloping Vampire took this Puppet Master with an ease that belies Margaret’s considerable prowess. A prowess that in leaps and bounds had come to rival, if not exceed, that of Ms. Noone as Puppet Master.

As if Mondo is reading Becky’s mind, she adds.

“The ROOM had come to like very much what Margaret was doing. Previously, I bet it had set a trap for you, by showing you where this one,” Mondo points at Margaret, “lived. Then when you finally came to confront her, it would have not sided with you and it would have aided her, instead. Tipping the balance in her favor.”

“Not possible. I own the ROOM. She just subleases. And I quote: ‘The claim of an owner to a ROOM always trumps any lessor’s, including occupancy. Possession is not 9ths of the law.’ End quote.”

“Nonetheless, superseding claim, notwithstanding, the ROOM would have sided with her, not you. She’s evil, you’re merely amoral. The ROOM is anonymous, hence it’s inherently evil. Therefore, when forced to choose between competing claimants, it will always side with the most evil, least good, of the two. It’s called Lucifer’s Clause.”


“It’s a wrinkle that y’all weren’t aware of, now you are.”

“Hence you, Plan-B.”

“Now aren’t you so glad that the Eldest don’t have to abide by a silly non-interference clause like Star Fleet’s?”


Mondo’s perception begins to stutter. She smiles. Time to go. Mondo gives a parting shoot-out as she fades from view.

“Oh, and I’m sure you’ll find plenty of forensics in her apartment to link her to whatever crime you’re trying to pin on her. Her kind of serial killer always likes to keep trophies.”

All this build up, plethora of red herrings, and torturous convolution, and Mondo steps in to wrap it all up in one fell swoop. The villain, saving the day for the heroes.