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Becky is Better [Episode #073]

“Paradox Alice on Weibo. Here is what Civilization has done to Barbarity!”Victor Hugo

When it comes to supernatural beings …

ROE is ROE. No exceptions. No excuses. No mitigating circumstances. No loopholes. No one is above The Rules. They apply to everyone: equally, blindly, and justly. Even gods most eldest must abide by the rules. Rules are meant to be followed. Rules are not meant to be broken. Rules must be followed to the letter of The Law. Ambiguity is slavery. Totalitarianism is freedom.

Such is the way that it has always been. Such is the way that it is. Such is the way that it will always be.

Because …

There is a time and a place for everything. The embodiment of control, society supersedes the individual. The needs of the many must always outweigh the needs of the few.

Conformity. Obedience. Courtesy. Courteous. Know your place. Assume your role. Defer to your betters in all things. Clean cut. No slang, whatsoever. A nice, well-ordered society. A closed, caste-based society. A society is the natural order of things. A society embodies the way that things ought to be.


Dictatorial. Draconian. Intolerant. Exclusive. Exclusionary. Control. Controlling. Subjugating. Strict. Severe. Straight laced. Stiff backed. Caste-based. Inequality. Rigid. Unyielding. Fascist. Racist. Conservative. Merit oriented. High-brow. Sophisticated. Posh. Opulence. Wealth. More is always better. Do what is expected of you when you’re in public, whether you’re alone or in the presence of others. Public conformity, even in the face of private deviancy—if you choose to waste yourself in private, we will not save you from yourself. Conform, else an unfortunate accident may befall you—an attendant consequence of ill-advised choices.

So it follows that …

Civility defines the appropriate public expression of an individual’s compromise of self-expression within the proper societal context of a sufficiently civilized construct. You go along to get along. The Emily Post subtext of manners espouse the how’s and why’s and what for’s of self-control within the context of civility—i.e. etiquette. You don’t devour Food, just because it’s available to be eaten, unless it’s according to Hoyle. You partake only when you’re supposed to. You don’t kill indiscriminately just because you can, unless it’s according to Hoyle. You genocide only when you’re supposed to, and when you do, you destroy all forms of life for all times—total sterility—there is no possibility or probability of repopulation, via procreation, proto-resurrection, or replacement.

Predatory by nature. Genocidal by design. Rape, ravage, drain, and devour by covetous intent, but only when it’s according to Hoyle. Rules are rules.

The Individual?

Subordinate. Conforming. Courteous. Polite. Clean cut. Well mannered. Well-heeled. Urbane. Sophisticated. Stylish. Gender correct. Beautiful. Beauty obsessed. Intelligent. Cultured. Intolerant. Deferring. Unequal. Competitive. Overachiever. Continuous improvement. Fascist. Racist. Conservative. Merit oriented. Free speech, freedom of choice, and their attendant consequences—you don’t yell “fire” in a crowded theater. Opulent. Wealthy. You can never have enough or too much. You can never be too rich or too beautiful or too smart. Publically I adhere to the norm, doing what is expected of me, even if I choose to foolishly deviate from it in private. Non-conformity at the potential risk of an unfortunate happenstance befalling me—I dissent at my own risk, knowing full well that there are always consequences for my actions.


There are always deviates. But … Factions and delinquencies, notwithstanding. By and large, supernatural beings adhere strictly to ROE. Such is their nature. ROE is how they naturally are. They freely, willingly, and willfully choose ROE.


A society defined by Houses is the societal context within which that nature of theirs is preferably expressed. Therefore, even those who do not belong to a House [i.e. Ronin] associate themselves by choice [sans one iota of societal coercion] with a House or Houses.

Machiavellian politics between and betwixt Houses, intra House and inter House. Those Houses, the national pastime which indulges that strict politeness of their nature.

The deviates, the few who differ from the group norm, are the ones who act like human beings and other such mundane beings—as such these different ones only obey ROE when it suits them, when it’s in their best interest, or when they absolutely have to—i.e. their continued existence depends on it [their obedience to ROE].

So …

Human beings only obey ROE when it suits them, when it’s in their best interest, or when they absolutely have to—i.e. their continued existence depends upon it. Additionally, they use it to have “protected” interactions with supernaturals. The foolish ones, the daredevils, publically circumvent ROE every chance they get—damn the gravest consequences—openly thumbing their nose at etiquette in the most impolite fashion.

Obviously, Margaret is one such daredevil, who publically throws caution to the wind. And in doing so, she’s slipping closer and closer to that deflationary void. Already the wheels are in motion which spell her downfall. Seeds of destruction that Margaret sowed herself.


“I’m muther fuckin …!”

The Vampire looks at her. Displeasure registers across the Lost’s face. Not a good thing. Not a safe thing.

“Careful, Food. You dare blaspheme to your better. I am Saved.”

“Fuck you bitch!”

“Enough. Shut up, before I devour you.”

“In this ROOM … No one tells me what to do! Here … I’m muther fuckin God!”