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Becky is Better [Episode #069]

“You mean you like that in 3 versions of the OSX you just can’t upgrade it anymore which forces you to upgrade? … Same evil, different devil …”—Gregg Barbato from Facebook

Legend (also known as Five-Project): The holy grail of mundane molecular xenobiologists. A human being who results from the coupling of a Dragon and a human being. Because of the biological improbabilities involved, the supposed existence of such individuals is considered an urban legend, urban myth, urban tale, in other words, a contemporary legend in the form of modern folklore. If such biologically exclusions did exist, they would in effect be very advanced molecular machines capable of near superhuman feats, physically and mentally.


Why reboot Jacqueline Lee Bouvier-Ryan for a second time? Especially when the Clancy novels—the latest Ryan universe novel, Command Authority, became Clancy’s latest number one best-seller little more than two months after he died—have Ryan and her family moving on with their lives.

In the novels, Jackie Ryan herself is past the action hero stage. She’s again the President of the United States. The action portfolio in the family is being handled by her daughter, a finance geek with a flair for violence and just a slightly annoying streak of entitlement: Jackie Ryan, Jr. works out of a supposed investment firm that is actually an off-the-books intel/wetworks operation. The novels increasingly featuring Jackie Ryan, Jr. have all been number one bestsellers, too.


There’s something else. Something most telling about all of this. It’s obviously essential that Becky owns the anonymous ROOM. The question is why?

Supposition: the initial interest of the Dragons was their misinterpretation of him as a legend. Their presumption proving to be false, Madam Yun disposed of him to void his ownership of the anonymous ROOM.

Unlike a numbered, an anonymous can be sublet. There’s no restrictions on who or what that lessor may be—any person, place, or thing qualifies. There’s no limit on how many times that it can be subleased. It can be subleased serially and concurrently. It must be a short-term sublease. The leasee can be the owner or the ROOM itself or even a lessor. A promiscuous situation to say the least. But … The owner’s claim to the ROOM always trumps any lessor’s, including occupancy. Possession is not 9ths of the law.

Being a previous owner, the ROOM couldn’t be used by Roberts or any lessor against her. So there was no need to make Becky the ROOM’s owner so that she would be protected against it being used against her and hers. All of its previous owners from Madam Yun exclusive of Becky voluntarily gave up their ownership claims—so none of them could be presumed culpable.

Therefore, it stands to reason then, that the ROOM is being leased. That one of the lessors is culpable. And, that Becky needed to be the ROOM’s owner again, so that her claim could supersede the lessor who is that person of interest.

Supposition: The ROOM is pivotal in the downfall of the culprit. This would imply that the Elders already know how this will all end. They knew it from the git-go. Living it backwards starting with the end while Becky et al live it forward from the beginning making discoveries of what’s-what while progressing toward that same end. Shades of the movie Memento. Not future casting. Not Clairvoyance. Understanding life with absolute certainty because of you [an oldest thing] are living it in reverse unlike everybody else who is younger. Existentially speaking. Very heady stuff indeed.

Esoteric discussions aside. Maybe, the call girl who killed Gavin, is leasing the ROOM, and is also Count Orlok’s killer? And if she is the Count’s killer, why did she kill him? And, just how does the Orphan Black fit into all of this? Is the OB another red herring or is it a real clue?