Why the Heart of the Las Vegas Strip May Soon Be Bankrupt

Original Source: http://www.fool.com/investing/general/2014/12/03/why-the-heart-of-the-las-vegas-strip-may-soon-be-b.aspx

The Las Vegas Strip could be heading to its largest bankruptcy ever. Image source: public domain

Las Vegas has made more than a few losers in its day but it’s not usually the house that ends up going broke.… read the full article

The Ghost That Haunts the Chinese Navy: When China and Japan Went to War

By | The National Interest

Original Source: http://nationalinterest.org/feature/the-ghost-haunts-the-chinese-navy-when-china-japan-went-war-11775

The First Sino-Japanese War a century ago offers Beijing interesting lessons for the future—lessons China’s military through its writings is clearly exploring.

Even as Western strategists spill gobs of ink recalling the Great War that convulsed Europe a century ago, Chinese military thinkers are actually fixated on another anniversary.  

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“Rise: Blood Hunter”, A Comparison: R-Rated vs. Unrated

Rise: Blood Hunter


  • R-Rated
  • Unrated

Author: brainbug1602 – Translator: Mr Miau – external link: IMDB

Original Source: http://www.movie-censorship.com/report.php?ID=4594

Compared are the R-Rated and the Unrated Version.

Director Sebastian Gutierrez shot a reasonable low budget movie called “She-Creature” in 2001. His third movie “Rise: Blood Hunter” is pretty similar.

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Pamela (Pam) Wong

Pamela (Pam) Wong

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Pam Wong as Lucy Liu in “Rise: Blood Hunter”

Rise Blood hunter Lucy Liu

RISE: Blood Hunter is a supernatural thriller in which reporter Sadie Blake (Lucy Liu) wakes up in a morgue to discover she is no longer among the living. … read the full article

China and Turkey Among Biggest Losers in Corruption Ranking

By Patrick Donahue| Bloomberg

China and Turkey are among countries that tumbled the most in a global corruption ranking as they displayed widespread or increased levels of bribery, graft and opacity, Transparency International said.

China fell to 100th place on the list, down from 80th last year, the watchdog group said in its annual Corruption Perceptions Index.

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French Designer Jean-Louis Deniot on How to Decorate Your Home Like a Parisian – Condé Nast Traveler [French Style in America (3)]

French Style in America (3)

French Designer Jean-Louis Deniot on How to Decorate Your Home Like a Parisian - Condé Nast Traveler [French Style in America (3)]

The only time I used bright colors—malachite or emerald green—is inside dark rooms. Here the color provides excitement without being overly aggressive.

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