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Our “Wrong Way Right Way: Ethics Cases” video clips help inject refreshing laughter into your ethics training. Each clip shows employees the “wrong way” to handle a common ethics issue. Once the wrong way has been established, the clips then take on a more serious tone to convey important ethical principles and the “right way” to handle the issue.

Each clip serves as a great meeting opener or refresher training that can be done in just minutes.

Use this free “Responsible Communication” training video clip to help educate employees on proper communication practices and urge them to watch what they say and put in writing. Help them avoid poor communication decisions, such as making promises to customers that they can’t keep and badmouthing colleagues in front of clients.

Other available “Wrong Way Right Way” ethics video clips include:

– Antitrust
– Bribes and Kickbacks
– Confidential Information
– Conflicts of Interest
– Expense Reports
– Gifts and Entertainment
– Harassment
– Insider Trading
– Misstatement/Falsifying Company Documents
– Misuse of Company Assets
– Records and Information Management
– Retaliation and Speaking Up
– Safety
– Sales — Revenue Recognition
– Social Media
– Third Party Risk

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