Cthulhu Eats the World — H.P. Lovecraft’s The Shunned House + tidbits from Ian Fleming, H.P. Lovelace, & “others”

The Shunned House The movie is set in the modern day, with an uncle and nephew pair of ghost hunter types making the mistake of investigating the titular house.


Age of Heroes An action-packed war epic based on the real-life events of Ian Fleming’s 30 Commando Assault Unit during World War II – the precursor to the modern day SAS. Sean Bean (Lord Of The Rings Trilogy, Game of Thrones) and Danny Dyer (Devil’s Playground) star in this adrenalin-fuelled action-adventure which takes the elite special ops division from the edge of defeat on the beaches of Dunkirk to the mountains of Norway on a dangerous search-and-destroy mission behind enemy lines.

Today, many remember Ian Fleming (1908-64) as the author of such books as the James Bond series and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, but less-commonly known are the details of his involvement in World War II. Fleming began as an intelligence liaison under the aegis of Rear Admiral John Godfrey, and then in 1942 formed a crack team of intelligence-based commandos, known as the 30 Assault Unit; its job involved operating near the front lines of battle to seize top-secret documents from enemy headquarters that had been targeted in advance. As directed by Adrian Vitoria, the period saga AGE OF HEROES dramatizes the 30 Assault Unit’s wartime adventures. The cast includes Sean Bean, Danny Dyer, Rosie Fellner and Aksel Hennie. Vitoria co-authored the script with Ed Scates.


The “He” of whom Claire spoke was not an eldest Cthulhu god, nor was it the original Fallen Angel (Lucifer Himself). It was Apocalypse — the oldest and original mutant, also known most notably as En Sabah Nur, Boko Haram, and Matthew Saad Muhammad [the latter being a transcription of a boxer (49-16-3, 35 KO’s) of the same name] —a titular character in superhuman genealogy. Morally speaking, as is typical of a god, He falls somewhere in that grey area between good and evil, never falling wholly into either category throughout His eons of existence.


If Chins Could Kill: Confessions of a B Movie Actor If you only read one book this year, then you are an illiterate fool. But this should be the book you read. Bruce Campbell, cult hero (and actor), wrote the perfect book for his fans – it drips with charisma, his clever and self-depreciating humor, and a genuine personal and honest touch you rarely find in your run-of-the-mill, ghost-written Hollywood memoir.


I got hired because I could go grey and hack the dark net.


Days Of Future Past director Bryan Singer had a two-hour conversation with The Terminator director James Cameron about time travel, string theory, and multiverses in order to get a better grasp on the continuity of the upcoming X-Men film.

In the original “Days of Future Past” storyline that the film is based on, the dystopian future filled with killer, mutant-hunting robots is the year 2013.

The film is based on a 1981 story arc that unfolded in the pages of The Uncanny X-Men, in which one of the few surviving members of the team in a dystopian future [filled with killer, mutant-hunting robots] travels back in time to prevent an incident that dooms both mutantkind and civilization as we know it.


Nok Air finalizes order for 737 MAXs, Next-Generation 737s


Orange is the new black: Flickr photo of the day


And is a dedicated Ellen Degenerate fan, and when not modeling wetsuits has been known to sport a mean pantsuit/sensible shoe combo, complete with tuna halitosis.


For cost conscious shoppers, lower prices can often be found online and more affluent consumers are choosing style and quality products over one-stop shopping. This can be seen clearly by the growth in online retailers like Amazon.com as well as specialty retailers like Williams-Sonoma , Lululemon, and Michael  Kors, among others.


and without two good hands, Haye would be mincemeat for either of them


Lisa Niemi: Patrick Swayze’s Widow Finds Love Again, marries jeweler Albert

Lisa Niemi has tied the knot again.

The 57-year-old, who was married to actor Patrick Swayze for 34 years before his 2009 death, married jeweler Albert DePrisco this weekend.

Lisa Niemi and DePrisco had met a few years ago after being introduced by mutual friends. They dated for close to a year and a half before Albert proposed on Christmas Eve.

The couple was married in Palm Beach, Florida, in a small ceremony before about 50 guests.

“We wanted it fresh and happy,” Niemi told People, which first reported on the nuptials.

The marriage was a big step for Lisa Niemi, who said it took her three years to stop wearing her wedding ring:

“About a year ago or eight months ago, all of a sudden I had this bizarre thought and it didn’t really make sense to me, but I had a moment when I went, ‘you know what this ring says? I’m married to his physical form and actually my connection to him, since he has been gone, has been much deeper than that. And I felt like in a way, for me personally, wearing the ring was lying about the depth of our relationship.”


Niemi and Swayze were seen as the rare success story in Hollywood, a couple that remained grounded and avoided the limelight. They met in 1970, when Lisa was 14 and studying at a dance academy run by Patrick’s mother.

“I went to New York for four years and danced with ballet companies, but I couldn’t stop thinking about Lisa and I couldn’t figure out why I kept going back to her,” Swayze, who was 20 when he met Lisa, told the Daily Mail in 2005, noting that they were friends for “a long time.”

Lisa also admitted that falling in love with Albert DePrisco brought a new wave of emotions.

“They say that falling in love is wonderful,” Niemi wrote on her website. “That sick feeling. The butterfly stomach, the rubbery legs, the diminished mental capacity.” She added, “A feeling of being paralyzed, like some kind of speared fish, floating helplessly after a powerful sedative.”

But Lisa Niemi and Albert DePrisco also went through some difficult times, even briefly splitting in 2013 as they dealt with the challenges of a long-distance relationship.

Lisa Niemi

[Photo via Facebook]

Read more at http://www.inquisitr.com/1267437/lisa-niemi-patrick-swayzes-widow-finds-love-again-marries-albert-deprisco/#pMI8E40UBKVvTR6J.99


H.P. Lovecraft’s The Dark Sleep (2012) – The Dark Sleep is a new horror film depicting a nightmarish journey into another dimension when a young woman discovers the remnants of an ancient cult beneath her house. The Dark Sleep features amazing stop-motion animation special effects in the Ray Harryhausen tradition and writer/director Brett Piper’s visual flair brings this adaptation of H.P. Lovecraft’s DREAMS IN THE WITCH HOUSE to vibrant frightful life.


HHP (Heide Perfromance Products) has been making Superbirds


Audi introduces the wide mouth grille, almost everyone else tries to emulate a bass looking for bait



Lurking Fear This is a 75-minute film adaptation of an H.P. Lovecraft short story. The writer and director (John Finch) have taken the somewhat cerebral tale, and tarted it up with a crime story backdrop: there’s a family patriarch who was recently buried, reputedly with a hefty stash of cash sewn into his chest cavity. A few shady characters ride into town and threaten the locals, wanting to know the location of the grave. The catch, of course, is that a few ghouls residing near the cemetery don’t want the body found. And what a fun bunch they are.

This is one of the more entertaining Lovecraft adapatations available. It’s not quite top-drawer in the manner of The Ressurected or The Call of Cthulu, but it’s a much better bet than a few of them out there. Filmed in Bucharest, Romania circa 1994, the film does take advantage of aging buildings to provide atmosphere. Plotwise, the director has stuck with Lovecraft’s New England flavor, but a Romanian farm village doubling as ‘Leffert’s Corners’ has to be taken with a grain of salt. The gang of crooks are driving a classic ’62 Impala convertible with license plate frames advertising a dealer in ‘Arkham, MA’, a nice touch for fans. For good measure, Re-animator’s Jeffery Combs plays the town doctor, with hammy relish. It doesn’t hurt that one of the more slimy characters eventually gets his heart ripped out, either. Overall, it’s a nice trip for those into the gothic horror genre.

Lurking Fear JOHN MARTENSE (Blake Bailey) has just been released from prison after serving five years for a crime he didn’t commit. John wants to stay as far away from the wrong side of the law as he can … but family ties won’t let him. John gets a message to see SPECS (Vincent Schiavelli), an old friend and undertaker with a taste for larceny. Specs gives John a map of a cemetery where a corpse stuffed with a half a million dollars has been buried. John’s father stole the money with his psychotic partner BENNETT (Jon Finch) but hid the body, leaving it as a family legacy for his son to dig up. John reluctantly takes off for Leffertt’s Corners, a small town with a terrible secret. For years the Corners have been torn apart – the people devoured by a race of cannibalistic genetic freaks living in the tunnels below the cemetery. Thunderstorms bring the creatures out – to feed. John finds the cemetery next to an old church. He barely sets foot in the graveyard when he’s stopped by CATHRYN (Ashley Rae Lauren), a beautiful girl with a .45 automatic in her hand. Cathryn’s laced the cemetery with dynamite and armed herself to destroy the creatures’ nest once and for all…and tonight John’s in the way. Cathryn forces John into the church where DR. HAGGIS (Jeffrey Combs), FATHER POOLE (Paul Mantee) and BETH (Luana Stoica) ready themselves for bloody battle with the monsters. As a storm approaches, and Cathryn is about to blow up the nest, Bennett arrives with his goons to take the group hostage and reclaim the buried money. Can the two groups band together and overcome “The Lurking Fear” … or will they be the next victims?

Lurking Fear You see, there are these Morlockian troglodytes living under a church and the nearby cemetery. They grunt and have grey skin and glazed white eyes as you would imagine any typical subterranean corpse-eating creature would appear.