Clean footage of Grandmaster Ip Man + Wing Chun – IP Man training and forms

The first FREE release of Ip Man doing the 3 forms Sil Lim Tao, Chum Kiu and Mok Jang Jong in High Quality! It is time the world worked together to preserve the fighting system Ip Man worked to hard to promote and develop.

The watermark should help prevent frauds selling this footage on the internet.

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Ip Man is sometimes called Yip Mann.



Following the success of this year’s action blockbuster Ip Man, biopic of the legendary Wing Chun grandmaster and mentor to Bruce Lee, a revival of the Chinese martial art has taken Hong Kong by storm.

In this video we meet sifu Ip Chun, son and successor of none other than Ip Man. He currently teaches classes at the humble Ving Tsun Athletic Association’s headquarters in Mong Kok which was established in 1967. Ip Chun prefers to see Wing Chun as a health regimen rather than just a form of combat.

The spry 84-year-old tells us about all things Wing Chun and his thoughts on the future of the martial art in today’s society.