South Korean Media: Kim Jong-un Ordered The Execution Of His Uncle’s Entire Family

If this is not just South Korean propaganda, and it is true … Are you really surprised? If so … Why?

Is he crazy? Maybe?

But … this is what emperors do, and he is an emperor [the de facto emperor of North Korea].

Instead of worrying about domestic enemies [real or imagined], he should be worrying about how China [The Dragon] feels about him and his actions.

Maybe, he already knows how The Dragon feels, and that’s why he doesn’t look worried.

Maybe, he’s crazy like a fox …

Business InsiderBy Pamela Engel and Michael Kelley | Business Insider

North Korean leader Kim Jong-unReuters/KCNA KCNA

South Korea’s state news agency is reporting that North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has ordered the execution of his uncle’s entire family, including children.

“Extensive executions have been carried out for relatives of Jang Song-thaek,” one source told Yonhap. “All relatives of Jang have been put to death, including even children.”

On Dec. 12,  Kim Jong-un executed his uncle and his close allies for “acts of treachery,” which may  have been related to a business dispute .

Yonhap is known for its anti-North Korean bias. And other stories about the purge are probably fake.

Nevertheless, Kim’s ruthlessness cannot be discounted.

From Yonhap:

The executed relatives include Jang’s sister Jang Kye-sun, her husband and Ambassador to Cuba Jon Yong-jin, and Ambassador to Malaysia Jang Yong-chol, who is a nephew of Jang, as well as his two sons, the sources said.

All of them were recalled to Pyongyang in early December and executed, they said. The sons, daughters, and even grandchildren of Jang’s two brothers were all executed, they said.

It is unclear if Jang’s wife, who is the younger sister of Kim’s father, Kim Jong Il,  is among those ordered executed.

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