F-15 flying with one wing by an Israeli Pilot

in the year 1983 an F-15 of the Israeli airforce collided with a skyhawk while doing a practice. the skyhawk blew away but the pilot abandoned it peacefully. the f-15 lost his right wind but the pilot Ziv Nadivi couldnt see it because of the vast fuel fumes that covered it. the pilot and the navigator Yehuar Gal didnt not know they are flying on one winf only, a state which is of course “impossible” to fly in, and didnt not abandoned the jet but continued to land a crash landing. because of the high velocity of the jet (450kmph) while landing, the stopping hook was cut away and the jet stopped a few meters before the end of the runway.

after more than 20 years, we can finally see the movie.

(this is from the History channel)