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Code Dead – The intermission between “Glenda” and “I, The Jury” [Chapter 4, Part 6]


Exploitation meister David Friedman was an expert at churning out low-budget skin-flicks and drive-in masterpieces. “She Freak”, a classic roughies, has been restored in clear detail and colors and you can see for yourself that Friedman blatantly ripped off Tod Browning’s 1931 masterpiece, “Freaks”. The movie starts out with promise, giving us glimpses of a real-life carnival, circa l967. After a very short while, it delivers on that promise in spades, becoming vile … plummeting the movie goer into much anticipated trashy B-movie degeneracy, degradation, and lunacy. There’s plenty of skin shown, tons of soft-core sex, and lots of violence and suspense. Claire Brennen stars as a discontent waitress working in a small-town greasy diner, and looking for something more. When the circus comes to town, she finds herself attracted to its excitement – and secures a job with the traveling show. In a scene taken literally from the ending of “Freaks”, the devious heroine [Claire] is transformed into a monster—bad makeup and all.


Dwayne and Mondo are seated at their favorite streetside table at the Coffee Cartel. Their usual lazy, when Beegie comes into sight, dressed in her uniform. Dwayne’s hopes are shattered that she had quit or better yet had been done away with somehow by someone or something. Such is obviously not the case. Beegie is alive and well, and she’s begins to smile smugly upon seeing them.

“We need to leave,” Dwayne mumbles underneath his breath.

“Why?” Mondo asks, and then she turns around and sees the source of his discontent.

Beegie walks over to their table, order pad in hand.

“Your usual or something special for a change?”

Dwayne says nothing. He’s overtly in a huff because of this encounter.

“Our usual.”

“Scared I might poison you to get closer to my goal of being The One?”


“It bothers him … your fella … that I’m acting so human, as he would call it, correct?”

“One … He’s not my fella. He’s my dog. Two … he’ll get over it, you acting so human, that is.  And three … What he feels about it is his problem, not mine. I on the other hand have no feeling whatsoever about the entire affair.”

“Curious, about where I’ve been?”


“He has, I’ll bet. And if he thought that I was off consolidating my power by killing my dups in other universes, he would be correct.”

“We’ve given you our order. We came here for our usual lazy, not unwanted and your quite boring I might add, chit chat. For humans, as for you, power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

“Don’t worry about today being your last. I’ve decided to save you for last. I’m going to enjoy doing you.”

“Like I’ve previously stated, I’m not worried about you or anyone else killing me. If someone is determined to destroy me, I’m gone. Anyone and anything can be destroyed. Your insurmountable problem is that you’ll never get past the others to get to me … not the ones that I know about … Least of all … Not the other, a guy, what’s his name, who is even more obsessed than you are about becoming The One. You know how men can be about those kinds of things.”

That’s when the smile painting Beegie’s face gets erased and it’s as if it transfers to Dwayne, becoming his. Something else paints her face now.

“My bad, I thought that you knew about him. But from the expression on your face, or more precisely its shock and “extreme” displeasure maybe even worry, it’s obvious that you didn’t and it’s also obvious that you didn’t realize that not all of the alternates are female. In the interest of fairness and thus insuring that the playing field is a level one … I think that it’s good that you now know about him, since he is aware of your existence—he didn’t initially, but I told him about you under the misconception that you knew about him already … That you now know that at least one of the alts is of the male persuasion, and thus the obvious ramifications of this vis-à-vis your shared ambition with him, and theoretically other like-mined male dups … And … that because he knows of your existence, but not your identity, that he will hitherto remain ‘nameless’ as far as my lips are concerned.”

Mondo’s hands stay gloved but her hair lets down [into strait hair], her glasses get pursed, and her harsh becoming makeup goes bye-bye.

Beegie walks away in a huff with their order, never to return with their service. Another waiter, Clark Kent, brings them their order, after many lengthy complaints made to the owner Lois Lane by Dwayne. Lois apologizes profusely, and comps their meal.

“Duh … And to think that I wasted my time stewing over the misguided cravings of that divergent [Beegie]. Why didn’t you tell me about …”

“Those others, and that other divergent, the guy you mentioned, in particular  …? You didn’t ask. Besides you should’ve ever bothered to stew …”

“About her … anyways … Yes … You’re correct …”

“Learned your lesson?”


“Now, dig in. You know the hamburgers here are positively to die for; on par with those at the Goody Goody Diner.”

“Pass the Heinz?”

“Of course, silly dog.”

They share a laugh and a kiss. After, the Heinz gets passed, of course.


The gritty Vampire noir of Mondo Kane returns after a very long hiatus in – “I, The Jury”