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Code Dead – The intermission between “Glenda” and “I, The Jury” [Chapter 3, Part 9]

Dwayne no longer feels compelled. He no longer sees the glamor. His vision shifts to the mundane. He feels violated, and he has been, magically speaking, that is.

“I’d ring you neck for this one, if I had the papers.”

It’s a weak retort on his part. But he had to say something. And yes, he’s convinced, now more than ever, that she’s guilty and that she will find a way to pin this on Beegie when it best serves her purposes.

“Using Beegie as a scapegoat must be your end game. Or at the very least, it’s one of them. Your kind usually have several contingency plans.”

The Vampire leans back in her white wrought-iron chair and gloats. She’s in the cat bird seat, and both of them [the Vampire and the Were] know it. The blood bag pretends to not notice the “casual” movement behind her, and continues her stroke in earnest unabated by what looms. “Now we’re going to have a conversation that anyone can be privy to if they choose to listen.”

“You say that like I don’t have a choice in the matter.”

“I’m being polite. You’re being childish. And I know you know better. Now behave.”

“What if I don’t?”

Mondo could say and do a lot of things, and would be well within her rights in doing so. Vampire versus Were. She is quite capable of walking the walk as well as talking the talk. And so is he.

“I know you don’t like discussing Family [as in supernatural] business in the presence of mundane, but you [dogs] brought this on yourselves. This is ROE, and I discovered your pack’s involvement via ordinary means. What was revealed by you under my glamour …”

“Your calculated sneak attack. That’s what your magical violation of me was. It was plain and simple a …”

“What was revealed by you under my glamour was mere confirmation of what I had already surmised from deduction, inference, and implication as applied to clues readily available to anyone using conventional detective means and all well within the applicable laws here. Ergo: your coerced testimony under my glamour is of course not admissible in a court of law here, but what it confirmed, my surmise, is admissible.”

“My pack’s involvement?”

“You’re such an accomplished liar, have an awesome poker face, second to none that I’ve seen and I’ve seen the very best, but … I have irrefutable proof of their [your pack’s] involvement which escalates this matter to the very highest echelons. Nope, I’m not just throwing shit up against the wall and seeing what sticks. I’ve been tasked with determining if Ricky’s death was murder and figuring out who did it if it was murder, and seeing to it that the responsible party is tried and convicted in a court of law, whoever that person is, even if that person turns out to be me … And … I intend to do just that, or get destroyed trying.”

“Civility and tact, she doesn’t miss a beat. The road to Hell is paved with good intentions, and she has none.”

“Bold words from a lying bitch”

“Straight talk from your accuser.”


“Maybe you yourself are the culprit. Maybe your outburst was a smokescreen, and you don’t care about this Beegie, her implication in this matter, or her ultimate fate. And if so, my glamour made you reveal nothing but the falsehoods you meant to conspire, and the frame job you concocted to ensure this Beegie dog of yours. And furthermore …”

That’s when Dwayne totally loses it. He lunges across the table and slugs Mondo, knocking her out cold. Then he rears back as if he’s about to respite before teeing off on her and his clothes shred as he changes into his Wolf.

Sara and Bugs don’t move a muscle to intervene. They know that she’ll enjoy getting her ass whooped, but they want to see her get her comeuppance, nonetheless. But, it never comes to this or that. Dwayne’s Wolf goes bye-bye and he changes back, naked and embarrassed. He’s not embarrassed because of his public nudity. After all, what Were would be? None worth their saltines, of course. He’s embarrassed because she got the better of him.

Mondo comes to herself and picks herself off the sidewalk. She’s chinning and grinning. The Vampire got a rise out of him, and by doing that crosses him off her list of suspects. Although she’s sure her actions have firmly entrenched her as the number one culprit in his mind. Further reason to confirm his innocence by her way of thinking.

“Now it’s time for you to formally introduce me to Ms. Beegie Leslee Thomas-Adair of yours.”

Beegie steps into view. She was the one lurking in the background, so to speak. From the badge on her uniform, she’s the manager of the Coffee Cartel.

Mondo can sense something different about the girl. Then after much contemplation, she realizes what it is. She’s a Vegan!

“Mondo Kane … This is Beegie Leslee Thomas-Adair. Beegie … This is Mondo Kane.”

“I’m pleased to meet you.”

“Likewise, I’m sure.”

Both are twenty-something, but they are ages apart experience-wise and chronologically. The two young women shake hands; palm touches palm—intimate, physical contact, flesh on flesh. That proves to be a colossal mistake [on Beegie’s part]. There’s no sure thing as the perfect crime or the perfect undercover or the perfect deception or the … in other words, there’s no such thing as the perfect lie. It’s something that Beegie has obviously forgotten, or maybe she has not and she’s just too much hankering for that confrontation to caution anymore. No matter. It’s a slipup, nonetheless. And … Because of that one slipup [of this Beegie], all of the pieces now fall neatly into place [for our Miss Kane].

Why send me? That’s the question that has bothered me from the git-go. Now I know why. Because you need a young one, who can pass for what she is … young … and yet have the [supernatural] faculties and facilities of an Oldest Thing, an Eldest god. To do else would risk putting your most formidable prey on their guard, or worse … spooking them altogether.

Now, I know everything!!!